2018 Best Ugly (and cute) Christmas Sweaters

2018 Best Ugly (and cute) Christmas Sweaters
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One of my new favorite things about the Christmas season is the ugly sweater “trend.” It used to be that those overly festive vests and clashing Christmas earrings were just for crazy aunts. That’s not the case anymore.

Pinterest came along creating a pandora’s box of crafts, DIY and fashion. For this post I did a round up of some adorable, hilarious and downright festive sweaters for this Christmas  Season. Here are some of the Best Ugly (and cute) Christmas Sweaters for 2018.

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2018 Best Ugly (and cute) Christmas Sweaters

Here are my favorite picks for the best ugly (and cute) Christmas Sweaters of 2018.

More Christmas Cheer:


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Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters

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