31 Things you Should Throw Away, Donate, or Reorganize

31 Things you should Throw Away, Donate, or Reorganize for the New Year.

January, the month of the Great Purge. Do you go into full on cleaning and organizing mode like I do? There is no better time for a fresh start then the turn of a new year. We’ve been homeowners for close to six years.  There is no shortage of improvements and things that need to be organized, especially on a fixer-upper.

Each year, I try to do a little throughout the year, but when January comes I get a burst of energy and need for renewal. After spending the last quarter (Oct/Nov/Dec) on family activities, cooking, decorating and good ol’ fashion quality time, it’s nice to take some time to reflect and renew for the upcoming year.

Pair that with third trimester nesting urges, and it’s game on. This year I decided to be a little more ambitious with my purging plan, creating 31 things to declutter, toss, or donate. If I am keeping it, there must be a place for it.

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Full on Minimalism?

Nah. While I love the look of minimalism, it’s just not me, nor my husband. I really go back and forth with “I can’t take it anymore,” to, “I might use this one day!” Full on minimalism can be just as exhausting as too much stuff. A different kind of exhausting, but still tiresome. Therefore, instead of committing to an “everything must go” mantra, I find it more reasonable to purge on things I don’t love, don’t need, or won’t use.

Getting our Organization On

As we prepare to get organized for the new year these are some action items:

  • Is it something you keep moving around the house because it has no home? Find a spot for it.
  • Is it Broken? Has it been in your “repair” pile for a while? Pick a day to repair broken items, or toss it.
  • Is it something you love, or are you holding on to it because you feel you have to? Donate it.
  • Is it something you use? Have you used this item in the last year? Realistically, will you use it in the next year or probably never? Donate it.

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31 Things you should Throw Away, Donate, or Reorganize

    1. Toy clutter
    2. Holiday decorations and holiday bins
    3. Master closets
    4. Make-up, nail polish, and beauty items
    5. Linen closet
    6. Children’s closet(s)
    7. Medicine cabinets
    8. Junk drawers
    9. Shred or destroy old papers
    10. Bills, medical papers, and financial documents
    11. Clothes
    12. Pantry
    13. Under the bathroom sink
    14. Sock drawer(s)
    15. Fridge
    16. Desk
    17. Entry closet
    18. Old electronics
    19. Old candles
    20. Expired coupons
    21. Broken jewelry
    22. “Fix-it” items you never fixed
    23. Games or toys that are missing pieces
    24. Pet toys, collars, etc.
    25. Tupperware
    26. Storage closets
    27. Old bedding and sheets
    28. Books
    29. Magazines
    30. Mismatching dishes, dishes with no lids, etc.
    31. Wallet

Free Printable PDF of 31 Things you should Throw Away, Donate, or Reorganize

It feels like clutter accumulates out of know where. Here are 31 things to organize, toss or donate.








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