A Month to Remember

“The days are long, but the years are short.” – Gretchen Rubin

Instead of grinding through our days, lets take a minute to slow down and appreciate the time we have been given. Let’s take a moment to make those “long” days memorable ones.

Take the time to give thanks for our friends and family, and the joy and fulfillment they bring to our lives.

As I age  “grow wiser” my perception of time changes. Flashing back, I remember being in elementary school and time seemed to pass much different then it does for me today. Time was not quantum. It passed more like dandelion pollen carried softly by the summer breeze.  It was not burdened by the arms on the clock and where they fell, or imposing deadlines, but measured in daily activities and milestones. It wasn’t six O’clock; it was playtime. On Halloween we didn’t start Trick or Treating at 7; we started when it was getting dark out.   As time passes it’s easy to get into a routine.  The days seem long and “busy.” Those long days start to blur and then months pass, then the holidays come along with the stress.  Then again, before we can blink, it’s New Years again. Where did the time go? Those days seemed so long and grueling. How can the year be over already?

Time doesn’t stop, and it’s a universal currency.  As we move from month to month lets take the time to bask in the glory of a new day.  Let us practice patience, laugh everyday, and take the time to emotionally connect and be present with people. Let us find joy in the present day. Lets celebrate and indulge in the festivities of all times of the year; spend time with family, follow traditions, create new ones, and go on adventures. I know there will be some days we may forget, but let’s make it each month, a month to remember.

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