My daughter, Libby, is just close to a year and a half. With Easter coming up I wanted to do something special for the egg hunt this year. When I was a kid we would find hard boiled eggs around the house. This can be stinky if you end up forgetting about one. Plastic eggs are …


I picked up this roll of ribbon from the Dollar Tree. It’s perfect because it’s bright and will add a pop of color to my daughter’s Easter Basket. The first time I made one of these bows was for a Gender Reveal Party. I was in charge of making a box that released the balloons that announced …


Easter is right around the corner. That means it’s time for jelly beans. We are going to take some of those jelly beans and grow some lolly pops. This fun activity can be done with as little as two dollars. Both the jelly beans and lolly pops came from the dollar store. To grow lolly …


If you have young children, or children with siblings, here is a great way to make Easter fun for everyone. Assign each child their own color. Coordinate their Easter grass to match the egg color they are supposed to find. This helps so that everyone gets a fair shot at finding their eggs. You can …

How to Catch an Easter Bunny

Supermom’s Guide to Catching the Easter Bunny.

Catching an Easter bunny takes a lot of skill. Bunnies scare very easily, so you must set some traps. Here is a special list for you and your family. If you’re wondering how to bait an Easter Bunny, we have you covered. Our Easter Bunny experts have it on serious authority that the following items are sure to help you catch an Easter Bunny. Print our free PDF for your family on: How to Catch an Easter Bunny.


How to Catch an Easter Bunny | To Catch an Easter Bunny, Here's what you do: First on the list, leave out his favorite food. Next, sprinkle flour to capture his paws And don’t forget some carrots, He likes them raw. Go to your room and just before bed, Sit down with your favorite Easter Book to be read, Hurry to sleep, so when you wake. An Easter Bunny you will find, Eating your Bunny Bait. Good Life of a Housewife |

Easter Bunny Chow. Easter Bunny Bait. The best way to catch an Easter Bunny. Good Life of a Housewife |


Bunny Chow

This Bunny Chow is a sweet treat and a sure way to bait a bunny. The coconut oil gives it a sweet flavor, and the powdered sugar gives it an enhanced all over sweetness. Add marshmallows and sprinkles for added allure to attract an Easter Bunny or enjoy with your family.

1 Bag of Popcorn (salted or not)
1/3 Cup Coconut Oil
1 Cup of Fruity Marshmallows
Colored Sugar Sprinkles
Pastel Easter Sprinkles
About 1/4 Cup of Powdered Sugar. (Use to desired taste)

Pop the popcorn in the microwave. Melt coconut oil for about 30 seconds in microwave or until it becomes liquid. Pour over the popcorn. Stir. Fold in in marshmallows and dust powdered sugar over the popcorn. Finish by topping with colored sugar sprinkles, and pastel easter sprinkles.

Easter Bunny Chow. Easter Bunny Bait. The best way to catch an Easter Bunny. Good Life of a Housewife |
I added sprinkles before the powdered sugar, but it took away from the pretty colors. That’s why I recommend adding sprinkles last. I ended up adding more after I stirred everything.

Heart Carrots for Bunny Bait | Good Life of a Housewife www.goodlifeofahousewife.comBunny Carrots

To make Bunny Carrots,  cut off top of the carrot. Use a potato peeler to file down the sides to a slant. I then used the tip of the Potato Peeler to create the u-shaped that creates the arches of the heart. I put a towel against the blade so it would not slip and cut my finger. Use caution not to cut yourself! This is probably a task best left for the adults. Leave the carrots whole, or cut them up into little hearts. These are also great for Valentine’s Day or for Chicken Noodle Soup.

Heart Carrots for Bunny Bait | Good Life of a Housewife

Easter Bunny Tracks. How to Catch an Easter Bunny | Good Life of a Housewife |



Bunny Tracks

Lay down some flour the night before the Bunny is supposed to come. The next day you will have proof the Easter Bunny was there because you will have Bunny Tracks.  Here is a PDF so you can see what the Bunny Tracks should look like. Easter Bunny Tracks. How to Catch an Easter Bunny | Good Life of a Housewife |

Easter Books to Read Before Bed 












Good luck catching your Easter Bunny!!

Supermom's Guide to Catching the EasterBunny | Good Life of a Housewife |

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