The skies are a dull gray, with no sign of the sun.  It’s mid-march, the final weeks of winter. You think you made it through, but then it hits you… the winter blahs. For me, this is a case of feeling unmotivated, bored, uninspired, and sometimes sad. The blahs seem to come from out of nowhere. One minute your making dinner, the next minute they are rearing their ugly little head into your thoughts. Although they can come at any time, they always seem to hit hardest in winter.  Keep in mind the blahs are not to be confused with depression.  The blahs usually last anywhere from a few hours, to a day or two.  They put your energy into an overall “funk.”

15  clever ways to get out of your funk and beat the blahs

Go for a walk outside. Bundle up and go for a brisk walk. I find there is something invigorating about cold air. First, it feels cleaner. Second it makes you appreciate having a house with heat to come home to.  So get out of the house and enjoy some mother nature.

Clever Ways to Beat the Winter Blahs | Good Life of a Housewife|

Workout. Working out has tons of benefits for boosting your mood. Getting those endorphins going are an easy way to make you feel better. Okay, so this one might not be so “clever,” but it usually works.

Go to a sauna. Sweat out those toxins and take in the warmth. You get the benefits of a good sweat, without the work.

Look at your favorite Pinterest Pins. Go on a Pinterest scavenger hunt in search of your favorite things. Look for topics on fashion, travel, or science. Whatever makes you feel inspired. Pinterest got me through those late nights after my baby was born. I would find I needed some inspiration to keep me awake while she rooted to fall asleep. Sometimes she would root around for 20 minutes before settling in. And of course as a new mom, any peep, and I was craning my neck into the bassinet. One of my favorite things to pin at the time was dressing for your skin tone, hair color, and eye color. Now, if I have a day where I am feeling blah, or uninspired, I look through that board and add new pins.

Learn something new. When was the last time you learned how to do or make something? It can be incredibly inspiring and rewarding trying something new. It doesn’t have to be intense. It can simple like a frosting recipe, a family craft, or a seasonal make up look. Anything to get you creating.

Sign up for a class. Speaking of trying something new, is there a new class or something you have wanted to try? Look into signing up for it! There is no shortage of niche classes and ongoing learning enroll in. You’ll also find other people who enjoy the same hobby as you

Go to a Yankee Candle Store. Sense of smell can trigger so many memories. I love going to a Yankee Candle store for helping with the blahs. The smell of coconuts, or mango make me reminisce on summer. Some of my personal favorites are fall candles and spring candles. Apple blossom is my go-to happy smell, reminding me Spring is just around the corner. I also just discovered Yankee Candles’, Honey Lavender Gelato. IT. IS. AMAZING. I picked it up from Hallmark. The first time I smelled it, I was in love, but my inner “saver” said, “You don’t need it.” Well, I couldn’t stop thinking about this candle, so I went back and got the largest jar. So good. Clever Ways to Beat the Winter Blahs | Good Life of a Housewife|

Make a summer bucket list: Write down a list of things you would like to do this summer. Such as visit a Farmer’s Market, go to the beach, go on a nature walk, etc. Enlist the whole family so you can plan some great family adventures.

 Clever Ways to Beat the Winter Blahs | Good Life of a Housewife|


Plan a family vacation. Speaking of adventures… a warm and sunny vacation is great to break up the winter months! If you already have it on the books, look up some photos and places to visit when you get there. If you don’t have a vacation planned, scope out a family get away for sometime in the next few months, or over summer vacation. Clever Ways to Beat the Winter Blahs | Good Life of a Housewife|

Try out a new Recipe. If you have a Pinterest, you probably have a recipe board, try out one of those “yummy” recipes you have pinned. You get bonus points for curing the blahs if you pick up your ingredients at at a gourmet grocery store(everything is always so beautifully displayed). Put on some tunes while you cook.

Take a weekend getaway.
Sometimes we just need a weekend getaway. A can’t take it anymore, pack a bag, grab your suit case, get in the car, kind of getaway. We are talking somewhere close enough to drive to, but far enough to forget our troubles. Check out local water parks, spas, or family friendly hotels. Sometimes all you really need is a change of scenery. Here in Michigan I love going to Frankenmuth. It’s a little German inspired town where you can walk everywhere. Their main street is lined with fudge shops, gift shops, and local restaurants. It’s also home of the large Christmas Store: Bronner’s. Best of all it’s a hop, skip, and a jump away.

Bake something delicious. If you have an old family recipe, now is the time to make it. Is there a cookie, cake, or bread recipe your family loves? The weather can be so dreary. Counteract it with homemade hot chocolate chip cookies and a glass of ice cold milk.

 Clever Ways to Beat the Winter Blahs | Good Life of a Housewife|

Buy a new lipstick. For a small price you can pick up a new lipstick. It’s definitely worth the splurge to buy one you can try on and fall in love with. I love MAC lipsticks for a splurge. I’ve always found they go on true to the color in the tube. Fresh lipstick can make you feel like a new woman! Clever Ways to Beat the Winter Blahs | Good Life of a Housewife|


Call up a friend. Sometimes it can be so therapeutic to reach out to a friend or family member you haven’t talked to in a while. You don’t need a reason to call. Just try something like: “Hey, it’s been awhile, how are you?” or “Just wanted to see how things are going.”

 Clever Ways to Beat the Winter Blahs | Good Life of a Housewife|

Put on some music. The kind of music that puts you in a good mood. Take an old trip down memory lane and listen to songs that were popular the year you graduated. I always love upbeat classics to get me in a good mood. My “happy” playlist looks like this:

“My Maria” by Brooks & Dunn

“Margaritaville” by Jimmy Buffet

“Buffalo Solider” by Bob Marely

“Into the Mystic” by Van Morrison

“Moondance” by Van Morrison

“Coconut” by Harry Nilsson

“Only the Good Die Young” by Billy Joel

“Love Grows” by Edison Lighthouse

“Mr. Jones” by the Counting Crows

“Kokomo” by the Beach Boys

“Semi-Charmed Life” by Third Eye Blind

 Clever Ways to Beat the Winter Blahs | Good Life of a Housewife|

15 Clever Ways to Beat the Blahs #happy #winterblues



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