Best Gifts for a Wine Lover

Best Gifts for a Wine Lover

Ahhh Wine… I am a mom, so I think that I am entitled to have a greater appreciation for it now. I don’t stick to just one wine, or just one brand. I like to pair wines according to how they will best compliment a dish. Red wine with red meat, white wine with fish, etc. It’s also fun to pair wines with different cheeses, fruit, and deli meat. For some reason, I find a cheese tray with wine an iconic symbol of adulthood. But your not really, really an adult until wine becomes dinner.

“I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food.” –  W. C. Fields”


My right of passage into Adulthood. And shall I just note, nothing says gourmet like flat pretzels.

Best Gifts for a Wine Lover

Cheese Slicers

Wine Socks – For that subtle hint

Wine Saver Pump – These are nice for people who don’t drink wine too often. “Real” drinkers usually don’t have leftovers. 🙂

Wine Candle – Charming repurposed wine bottle into candles.

Wine Stoppers

Wine Folly: The Essential Guide to Wine – A wonderful book for anyone that wants to get into the mechanics and technicalities of wine.

Wine Glass Clings

Wine Socks

Waiter’s Corkscrew (travel size)

Red Wine Aerating Pourer Travel-size

Wine Bottle Foil Cutter – A fantastic way to get rid of the foil that lingers at the top of the bottle if you just use a corkscew.

Novelty Tees

Novelty Wine Glasses

Erasable Wine Glass Pens

Rabbit Wine Stoppers

Wine quotes. 

Mini Wine Bottles

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