10 Best Gifts for a Hostess at Christmas

10 Best Gifts for a Hostess at Christmas

What gift should I bring for a Hostess at Christmas?

Don’t show up empty handed to the party. When it comes to hostess gifts, there is something for every budget. Whether it’s some fresh coffee or a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, here are 10 gifts that are great for any hostess at Christmas. A bottle of wine is my personal favorite to bring.

10 Best Gifts for a Hostess at Christmas

Olive Oil

Olive oil is the perfect hostess gift for any hostess that loves to cook. It’s a great little luxury item that can be used for dressings, seasoned bread dipping oil, marinades, etc. A premium olive oil would be a great gift to pair with a fresh loaf of bread. Check out these Dean Jacob’s Bread dipping seasons to add to your oil.

Wine Glass Clings

Naughty or Nice, Bah humbug, these cute clings are a fun way to jazz up any glass. It also helps people remember which drink is theirs.

Wine or Wine Packs

With many people gathering for the holidays multipacks are a great hostess gift. They come with lots of options for any wine drinker: reds, whites, sweets, or sparkling. This offers lots of variety and something different to try.

Tea Blends

 Mixtures of tea allow your hostess to offer up something to guests throughout the party or to enjoy with dessert. This selection is a Tea Forte Warming Joy Petite Presentation Box Featuring Seasonal & Festive Tea Blends with 10 Handcrafted Pyramid Tea Infusers.

Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers will make any house feel more festive. Opt for in season flowers, like poinsettias, or red, white and green ones, such as roses and carnations. If you plan ahead of time you can order them and have them delivered before hand.  This way the hostess can have them arranged before everyone arrives. If you bring flowers with you, it’s always nice to have them in a vase. Often times all the guests arrive around the same time and it can be hard to break away and find a vase to arrange flowers.

A Serving Platter

If you are bringing a food item, such as cookies, or a cheese tray, then consider picking out a pretty serving platter that you can give to the hostess as a gift. It’s wonderful after a night of fun not worrying about locating and washing your dishes before you leave.


Get a seasonal Christmas or winter blend. It can be served after dinner with dessert or offered to an unexpected visitor. If you are not sure, it may be worth a call ahead to find out if the hostess has a traditional coffer maker, or a specialty one, like a Keurig. If you feel like getting really fancy, bring a creamer, syrup, or dessert to complement the coffee.

Mixed Nut Tray

Great for any party,  a tray of mixed nuts offers beautiful variety. It gives company something to snack on other than all of the sugary Christmas goodies.  This gift will store well and will not be quick to expire; perfect for a frequent entertainer. That may or may not use the tray right away.

Christmas Candle

Christmas candles are a great no fail gift for any hostess. The warm Christmas aromas will fill the air and add ambiance to the party. Yankee candles are a great option and the scent Christmas Cookie,” is a popular favorite.

A Festive Kitchen Towel

If you are on a budget, this is a great option. You can usually pick up kitchen towels for a few bucks at most retailers. If you remember to buy after the Christmas season, you can probably find them for 25% – 50% off. Kitchen towels would also look pretty wrapped around a specialty bread and tied with a bow.


Any popular favorites: hard candies, chocolates, gummies. Put them in a festive bowl, or keep them in their packaging and dress them up with a gorgeous bow.

Do you have a favorite Hostess gift you like to give?

10 Best Gifts for a Christmas Hostess

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