11 Christmas Games for Kids

Looking for games and things to do on family night? Here are some family friendly games to play. #ChristmasGames #FamilyGameNight #Family Traditions

Whether you are hosting a Christmas party, or just hanging out with the family around the Christmas Tree, these 11 games will sure add some family friendly entertainment to your night.

11 Christmas Games for Kids

1. Reindeer Ring Toss

2. Elf Hat Ring Toss

3. Find it  There is a list of small toys to find inside of the tube. It’s a great way to keep kids entertained, especially at restaurants for Christmas dinners or long car rides during the holiday season.

4. Legos – Lego Christmas Advent Calendar

5. Memory –  A fun matching game for young kids.

6. 3D Glasses – These will create a special glow at any light show, use these glasses when you go on a Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt. 

7. Frosty the Snowman Playing Cards – Use them to play the Candy Cane Game

8. Santa’s Sleigh Ride – A fun and educational game that takes you across the globe in Santa’s Sleigh.

9. Hog Wild Holiday Elf Popper – The kids will have a blast popping these little balls out of the Elf’s mouth. It’s fun to see how far they shoot or chase each other around with them. 

10.  Hasbro Pie Face! This game is hilarious and gets your heart beating. You  put  whipped  cream  on the hand and take turns cracking the knob. Someone’s going to get a pie to the face. 

11. The Candy Cane Game

The Candy Cane Game a Fun Christmas Game for the whole family.

A fun and hilarious spin on an old classic. Learn how to play here

Fun Family Tradition

Take the time to snuggle up with your little ones and read Christmas stories before bedtime.

To make it more exciting, take any Christmas books you have and wrap them in pretty Christmas paper. Each night before bedtime have your kids pick a book and unwrap it to read before bedtime.

If you have a smaller collection of books, count how many you have and start later in the month. For instance, if you have ten books start December 15th.

To increase your collection see if you can snag any Christmas books at the local Thrift stores. If not, you can always order them online to save some time. We compiled some recommended family reads –   25 Christmas Books to read with your kids.

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