18 Fun Ideas for a 30th Birthday Present

18 Fun Ideas for a 30th Birthday Present

This is the year of thirtieth birthdays  for me. All my close friends are turning thirty this year and early next year. Since it is a special milestone I wanted to put a little extra effort into the gifts I give.

Gifts1One of my first gifts was for a friend that wasn’t so excited to be turning thirty. To have some fun with this, I bought gifts I could attach some funny tag lines to.  First, I made the tags for each individual gift. Then I taped them to front of each gift. I then wrapped them in purple foil paper from the dollar store and strung them together in the order they needed to be opened to make [poetic] sense:

  1. Gum – “Thirty doesn’t blow…”
  2. Spray – “Thirty doesn’t stink…”
  3. Poprocks – “It Rocks…”
  4. Margarita Mix – “So get in the spirit…”
  5. Dynamite Wine – “Because baby your Dynamite!”

I also put the “Throwback” Sprees in there because it was an 80s theme party. For the “big” gift I included a gift card in the cupcake tin. After I wrapped and strung the gifts together, I then  numbered them. To add some sparkle, I glued “30s” & “Happy Birthday’s” on the purple wrapping paper. Finally, I carefully placed everything back in the bag!


Here are 18 Other Ideas for a 30th Birthday Present

1. Mailbox Jackpot  If you aren’t having a party, but still want it to be a special day, reach out to friends and family to send the birthday person cards in the mail. It’s really fun and exciting to get a mailbox full of cards. This is also a fun idea if you know someone who is deployed. You can collect cards and forward them in one box or you can have everyone mail the cards individually.

2. Thirty Favorite Things Come up with a list of thirty favorite things the person likes. Snacks, candy, mini liquor bottles, Make-up, Gag Gifts, etc.  Snacks and Candy is a fun way to give lots of gifts without breaking the bank.

3. Lucky Lotto  buy thirty individual lotto tickets. Display them in a clever way, like wrapped up in a box or hanging on a tree.

4. 30 or Bust  Skip all the small tickets. Just buy one thirty dollar lotto ticket.

5. Decade Candy  Have an 1980s themed gift. Get the candy that was popular then you can find these on Amazon (see affiliate link below).
6. Bring on the Neon  Wrap the gift in 80’s themed paper. I did this for one of my friends’ 30th birthdays. It’s tons of fun for a throw back. (See Above)

7.  For a Sweet Tooth “30 does not Blow, it Rocks, so Pucker up, and kiss 29 goodbye!” Use Bubble Gum, Pop Rocks, Pucker Liquor, and Hersey’s Kisses.

8. Crept Keeper  If you have a friend that looks at 30 as the new 80 this is a fun one. For one of my friends I took her picture and put it on the left side  of a card and dated it the day before her birthday, on the right side of the card put a picture of the crypt keeper with the day she turns thirty.

9. Premium Liquor  One of the perks of turning thirty is you no longer have to be experimenting with cheap liquor, what ever your friends favorite alcohol is (vodka, tequila, etc.) Splurge and get the top shelve brand.

10.  Cheers to 30 Years  Make a beer cake with thirty beers.

11. Cheers to 30 Years (non-alcoholic)   For a friend that doesn’t drink alcohol make a cake out of K-cups. You can place a special coffee mug as the “cake” topper.

12.  Throw Back Scents  What girl didn’t wear bath and body works in school? These are fun  gifts to take you back to your rebellious(maybe?) days. Who doesn’t get reminded of fond memories smelling Bath and Body Works Sweet Pea?

13. A Photo Collage or Scrapbook  Any trip down memory lane makes for a fun keep sake. These can be made for relatively cheap as well.

14. Skincare Products  This is a good gift for a beauty lover. A good face cream is essential entering your thirties just make sure your friend appreciates beauty products and is not offended.

15.   Something Engraved   30 is a great year to get something special engraved like a mirror, tool or piece of jewelry.

16. Decorate Wine Bottles  Pick up some labels like these ones from Amazon. Add a custom tag, “Your only 30 so stop wining!”

17.  Scavenger Hunt  I love putting together a scavenger hunt to find gifts along the way or a big gift at the end. Sometimes the hunt is more fun than the actual presents.

18. Mail a Box of Balloons  there will be lots of smiles when they float out of the box!

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