25 Stocking Stuffers & Small Gifts for Little Girls

25 Stocking Stuffers & Small Gifts for Little Girls | Stocking Stuffers and Small Gifts for little Girls 5-8 years old #stockingstuffersforlittlegirls

What stocking stuffers should I get a little girl for Christmas? Little girls have lots of options from colorful toys to dress up outfits. Here are over 25 stocking stuffers & small gifts for little girls.

21 Stocking Stuffers & Small Gifts for Little Girls


Play-Doh Starter Set available here



Ephone Updated In-Ear Earbuds Headphones, Metal Magnetic Housing and Wired Bass Stereo Headsets, Earphones with Microphone Apply to 3.5mm Audio Jack – Rose Gold available here


iTunes Gift Card Credits

Apple iTunes Prepaid Card ($15) available here

$5- $20 Gift Cards

Ideas: Toy’s R Us, iTunes, McDonalds, Claire’s (kids jewelry store), Ice-cream Shops

Claire’s Gift Card available here 

Dress up Jewelry

kilofly Princess Jewelry available here

Play Make-up

Little Cosmetics Pretend Makeup Signature Set available here



Christmas Mini Santa’s Solid Milk Chocolate (1 Lb – 55 Pcs) available here


Barbie Clothes

Barbie Fashions School Pack available here

Doll Clothes

Ebuddy 3pc Skirt School Outfit Clothes available here

Bouncy Balls

Fun Express Neon Confetti Bouncy Balls available here

Stuffed Animals

Ty Kiki Grey Cat Plush, Regular available here


Littlest Pet shop Toys

Littlest Pet Shop Black & White Puppy BFFs available here 

My Little Pony Toys

My Little Pony Princess Twilight Sparkle Doll available here


The Muddily-Puddily Show (Wellie Wishers) available here


Brain Games for Clever Kids: Puzzles to Exercise Your Mind available here 

Coloring Books

Notebook Doodles Super Cute: Coloring & Activity Book available here

Art Supplies

Crayola Doodle Scents Markers (18 Count) available here 

Nail Polish

Piggy Paint 4 Pack Kit- Non-Toxic Nail Polish available here


Lip Balms

Lip Smacker Original Flavors Party Pack Lip Glosses available here


Playing Cards

eeBoo Mini Playing Cards available here


American Girl WellieWishers Little Ladybug Brush available here


More Stocking Stuffers & Small Gift Ideas for Little Girls

  • A Five Dollar Bill
  • A Large Candy Cane or Lollipop
  • Nail Files
  • Stickers
  • Temporary Tattoos
  • Hair Bows
  • Socks


Fun Family Tradition Idea

Have a Pajamas and Pancakes Party for the Family. The month of December is busy. Make a night where everyone turns in early. Tell everyone to get in their festive Christmas Pajamas. You can wear ones you already have or surprise them with new matching family ones.

Have a family dinner of pancakes! Set out bowls of fresh berries and other items to go on the pancakes, like chocolate chips. If you don’t have a pancake griddle now is the time to get one. It’s super easy clean-up and the pancakes don’t stick. You can also cook large batches.

If you were good at Tetris as a kid, you may find your skills will pay off in being able to maneuver a full pack of bacon on the griddle! Keep pancake night low key by using boxed mix. Or, if you’re feeling gourmet whip up your own fresh batch. Add some sprinkles or christmas colored chocolate chips.

If your kids are old enough, let them help out with the mixing or setting the table. Don’t forget to add some Christmas music while you cook and and enjoy!

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25 Stocking Stuffers & Small Gifts for Little Girls | Stocking Stuffers and Small Gifts for little Girls 5-8 years old #stockingstuffersforlittlegirls

















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