5 Tips to Tackle Laundry

Best tips for getting ahead on Laundry

Overwhelmed by laundry? Here are some laundry tips to make it more manageable.

“Marriage is about the most expensive way for the average man to get laundry done.”

– Burt Reynolds

5 Laundry Tips

1.Set a timer. This will help you remember to put your laundry in the dryer. It will also remind you when it is time to take them out of the dryer and fold them.

2. Do your laundry early in the day. I was in the habit of trying to squeeze in one more load before bed. A majority of the time this load would never make it in to the dryer, resulting in me having to wash it twice.

3. Wash one or two loads a day. Prior to living in our house, we lived in an apartment that had three washers and three dryers. I would put all of our laundry off and then spend a whole day washing everything.

I would have six loads going at once and then once those were done I would start the next batch of loads. I lived on the third floor and the laundry was in the basement.

After lugging laundry up and down all day, the last thing I wanted to do was fold it and put it away.

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It would just stay in the basket and we would pick clothes out of it.

The next time I had to do laundry I was washing clothes that had never been worn because they got mixed in with the dirty ones. 

It was inefficient and I hated spending the whole day doing laundry.

Now I just do one to two loads everyday. It’s much more manageable and keeps the laundry from becoming overwhelming.

4. Fold your clothes as soon as they are out of the dryer. One tip I got from my husband is to take the t-shirts and shake them out and stack them in a pile. This makes its way easier to go through and add hangers.

If I am going to procrastinate on the laundry (for instance I am downstairs and not ready to go up yet) I will do this so they don’t get wrinkly. It’s also a more efficient way to put them back.

Easy Hacks for an organized and prettier closet

5. Hang your Clothes. It’s faster to hang clothes then fold them. Your closet is valuable real estate. Use velvet hangers to get more space and make your closet look prettier. What a difference they make. 

If you have clothes you don’t wear a lot put those in your drawers instead of hanging them (if you never wear them get rid of them!).  Check out this trick to maximize your drawer space.

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6. Use wool dryer balls to cut your drying time down. Throw these puppies in to the dryer to help with air circulation and cut your drying time down. 

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Overwhelmed by laundry? Here are some tips to make it more manageable.




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