7 secrets to becoming a mom blogger superstar

7 Secrets to becoming a superstar mom blogger worksheets

I don’t normally do these posts, but I have to let you in on a little secret. I LOVE marketing, statistics, and strategy. So much so, that when I first started my blog I spent the majority of my time working on design and testing out different strategies. I created a series of sites to play around with different types of markets and trends. The problem, as a “nap time” blogger, I was only able to produce subpar content given the short time frame I had to work with. Who wants to produce subpar content? Nobody. Who wants to read subpar content? Nobody. 

To be honest, I wasn’t taking myself seriously. I was producing posts for fun and as a  creative outlet, but as I went back and reread my posts, I found them cringe worthy. To that end, in September, I decided to get serious. If I am going to produce content and place it out there for anyone to read, I want it to be great. I want it to be helpful, inspiring, and pretty. So if you find yourself, caught in a blogging funk, or are looking to start your own blog, I want you to know these 7 secrets to becoming a superstar mom blogger.

The following “secrets” I am about to share with you, are tidbits and items I have picked up over the last year of blogging. There are way more then seven, that I will continue to share, but 7 is a great jumping off point.  I have been writing them down so I could offer you not just good information, but great information. Information that you can bookmark and come back to. Throughout the post there are action items for your blog. At the very end there is a PDF you can printout and use for a brain dump.

1. Produce Content you are proud of

Produce content you are proud of and want to share with the world. Ask yourself what will this content provide for my readers? Is it useful and helpful. Will it help me connect with my readers emotionally? Does it tell a story or paint a picture? Finding your “voice” will help with answering these questions. Your voice is what makes your blog unique and has readers coming back for more. Ask yourself, if this article was to be read out loud in front of a large audience, would I feel proud and accomplished? If the answer is no, then work on it until you would feel proud. After all, on the internet, things can go viral at anytime, over the strangest things. Make sure you are giving your best.


  • Use an Active Voice
  • Talk to your reader like you’re talking to a friend
  • When you read your blog, does it sound like you are giving orders or talking down to your reader?
  • Create an engaging post, checkout Social Triggers How to Write the Perfect Blog Post

2. Make a list of 100 Blog Posts you want to write about

100 may seem like a lot, but it’s really not. I would recommend doing this before you publish your site, but if you already hit publish, I would still do it. Even after having my blog for over a year, I have an ongoing blog list of topics to write about.  Having a go-to list of ideas that are unique to you, will be priceless during those weeks when “life” happens. If you need some inspiration to get started, here is my list of 237 Blog Post Starters for Moms. These were some of the initial topics I proposed to write about.

Another recommendation, grab your calendar and see what you have going on for the year. Plan out posts around big events you may want to document.

In addition to having a list you can draw inspiration from, it’s also going to help you with my next secret to being an awesome mom blogger….

Even after blogging for a year, I found I needed to get take the steps to "get serious." Here is what I found the most helpful.

3. Use your list of 100 Blog Posts to create unique content and create a site map.

Once you have a list of blog posts you want to create for your site, break them down into a few categories and “niche” down.  Meaning, can 10-15 blog posts fall into a certain category? For instance, Toddler Meals, could be broken down into blog posts such as: toddler breakfast ideas, toddler snacks on the go, adorable toddler meals for each holiday, what to do if your toddler is a picky a eater, etc.

Breaking your content down to create a site map

“Toddler Meals” would be a great category to add to your websites menu because you will be producing a ton of content for it, and it will be part of your site identity. If you have a few posts you would love to write, but they may not make sense as a main menu link, then it may be more beneficial to do it as a mini-series. This avoids an empty looking category, or overcrowding your menu.

For instance, I thought I would be posting lots of recipes on my website. In reality most of my recipes were cutesy desserts for the holidays, such as  Valentine’s Day Love Bites, Easy Snowman Cinnamon Rolls, and Delicious Festive Peeps Hot Cocoa.

While I do have a category for these labeled, “Eat” it made more sense to have this as a sub-menu item, and promote them under their said holiday or as a fun treat for kids.

Now as I continue to blog, it may make sense for me to have an “Easy Desserts,” or “Food” as a main menu option. But for the moment, these fall more under holidays and fun for kids (Modern Motherhood). While I have the occasional posts about recipes and food, I am not a food blogger. My blog’s main focus is Household Management(Living on One Income, Running & Organizing a Household) and Modern Motherhood(Raising Kids and Babies, Creating Magic at the Holidays, etc.). So, I want my posts to make sense and help build on my brand and site’s identity centered on what my voice contributes to my websites two main focuses.

To help your website do the same, try asking yourself the following questions:

  • What is my websites main focus?
  • What 2-5 Categories make sense for me?
  • Do I have enough blog post ideas to write about this?
  • Do I want to write about this?
  • Is my menu clean and user friendly with multiple posts under each item?
  • Should I eliminate or condense a category?

4. Create a Focus and Strategy

Once you know what you want to post about, and have broken down your categories, it’s much easier to create a focus and a strategy for your blog. Instead of creating random posts, allow posts to follow the overarching personal brand of your blog. Create meaningful posts to fall into the categories you decide to write about.

5. Create an Email List

I never thought I would have an email list. How would I be able to engage my readers? This is something I am still working on, but I have learned to be a serious blogger, you must have an email list. An email list is going to do a few things for you:

  1. It will create a list of readers who have taken time out of their day and space in their inbox to receive updates about what you have to say. You don’t have to go out and find people to read your blog, they found you! Treat them like gold. 
  2. Nobody can take your list away from you. It is yours and it is propriety.
  3. You are able to give updates about new posts, new products, and include affiliate links(make money). You may not use this a lot in the beginning, but as you grow your blog and brand, you need a direct way to communicate with your readers.
  4. There may come a day when you create something to sell, this will be your money list, your loyal readers, who trust and follow you. Again, treat them like gold.

Elna, at Twins Mommy has a great post on 17 Ways Mommy Bloggers Can Grow Their Email List Overnight. She was one of the reasons I started an email list.

6. Offer a Freebie

A freebie is a great way to get people to join your email list. Creating a freebie adds value for your readers. It gives them more incentive to subscribe to your mailing list. It’s more engaging than just suggesting to “Sign-up For the Newsletter.” Freebies can consist of checklists, to-do lists, recipes, guides, how-to’s, etc. Create something that is unique and original to your site identity and that will benefit your readers. Freebies may one day turn into a marketable product.

  • Review your list of 100 posts, what  could you create that will be helpful and worth subscribing for?

7. Use Pinterest Correctly, it will be your best friend.

If Pinterest is not your best friend, you could be using her all wrong. At first Pinterest can seem overwhelming, but once you implement a few key strategies, you will find your Pinterest traffic exploding. I know I did.

The first mistake I made was not having vertical pins. When I first started blogging, I was uploading my “header” images to Pinterest. These were horizontal images that look great on Facebook, but not so great on Pinterest.

My mom used to make this hot chocolate. It’s super easy hot chocolate that the kids will love. Peeps Hot Chocolate.

This is a Header Image.

My mom used to make this hot chocolate. It’s super easy hot chocolate that the kids will love. Peeps Hot Chocolate.

This is a vertical Pinterest Image

The second mistake I made; thinking uploading one pin would be enough to go viral. It takes numerous pins and being pinned in multiple locations to really drive traffic to your site. I thought I could upload my one pin, to my individual board and it would take off like wildfire. This was not the case. In order for your pins to be clicked and saved, they need to be put in front of lots of eyeballs. The good news, you don’t need to have lots of followers to do this. Pinterest allows you to join group boards, where you can now put your pins in front of lots of eyeballs. I offer a group board for mom blogs, you can apply here.

Exploding Pinterest Traffic

After applying for group boards, the next task is signing up for Tailwind. Tailwind is a website that connects to your Pinterest account. It lets you automatically schedule your pins(at optimal times) so you are not doing it manually.

Since signing up for Tailwind, my Pinterest views have exploded. In September (when I decided to get serious), I had 24,619 average monthly viewers, by November I had over 370,000!  I’m actually sitting closer to 411K according to my Pinterest main profile.

How to Explode your Pinterest Views

How to Explode your Traffic

As of 11/14/17

So, as you can see my Pinterest traffic exploded. I found you have to do the one-two punch.

First, join group boards (in your niche).  Second, use Tailwind to auto schedule your pins to these group boards. I have about 25-30 group boards I pin on. Lets say I pin one pin a day, then that 1 pin can be added to about 30 boards. Chances of repins, going viral and click throughs to my website increase tenfold. This will be the same for you. Take time to find group boards. You can start by joining my Best Mom Blogs Group Board by applying here.

More ways to find group boards:

Pinterest has so much to offer that I am working on a post dedicated to growing your Pinterest account, check back soon!

7 Secrets to Becoming a Superstar Mom Blogger Worksheets

Finally, phew, I know we covered tons of information and I gave you lots of questions to think about and things to plot out. Doing this really helped me get organized. I created some worksheets for you to come up with your own strategy and plan for your blog.

>Click here to access the PDF of 7 Secrets to Becoming a Superstar Mom Blogger [Worksheets]

7 Secrets to becoming a superstar mom blogger worksheets

Something you would like to see? Leave it in the comments below! Thanks for spending time with me!




















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