7 Things Every Mom should know Before her Baby Shower

Baby shower ideas, tips and advice for new moms. Things a mom should know before her baby shower.

When it comes to having a baby shower, there are a few things I wish I would have known before hand. You know what they say, hindsight is 20/20. Here are 7 things every mom should know before her baby shower.

7 Things Every Mom should know Before her Baby Shower

Newborn and 0-3 Months clothes will not get a lot of wear.

Newborns are in newborn clothes for a very short time.

I remember hearing, you’re going to get a lot of _________ clothes. What was the blank though? Was it clothes for 6 months, 12 months, toddlers? I was clueless.

The answer is newborn, because they are sooo cute! People can’t resist. You’re going to get a lot of newborn clothes.  Don’t be afraid to swap these out for bigger sizes.

Libby wore newborn sizes for about 10 days. At delivery, she was over 9lbs, so she almost immediately outgrew all newborn clothes.

Not to mention your tiny little peanut spends most of the day sleeping. You’re probably going to want your baby to be comfortable. All the cutesy dresses and hooded shirts are adorable, but may be uncomfortable and can pose a sleeping hazard.

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Register for Gender Neutral

Gender Neutral Baby Room. Register for gender neutral baby items

For big items like swings and toys, register for gender neutral. It’s nice to have a small selection of items that you can use for a girl or boy. This can save you money in the long run if you have a second baby that is a different gender. You will already have some staple items.

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It’s okay to feel anxious about opening presents

Opening presents brought on so much anxiety for me. Not because of speaking in front of a crowd, but because I really wanted to make sure everyone knew how grateful we were.

It can feel overwhelming to be powering through presents. Don’t worry though, it’s just your friends and family, so there is really no need to be nervous. Just be sure to thank everyone as you are opening them and at the end. Which leads me to this next thing…

Make a list of who you want to thank

If you get nervous about speaking in front of a crowd, or have a lot of people helping you, make a little list of who you want to thank. After opening up lots of presents, and being pregnant, you’re going to be tired. It’s nice to have a list so you don’t forget anyone. Make a list.

Your Baby Shower is a Great Way to Start a Diaper Stockpile

You're baby shower is the perfect time to build a diaper stockpile. Have a diaper raffle.

One great way to start a diaper stockpile is to do a diaper raffle at your shower. It’s an optional add-on for anyone who wants to participate. To say “thanks,” raffle a prize for anyone who brought diapers. It’s an easy way to build a huge diaper stockpile. 

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The basics of building a diaper stockpile

People like to give stuffed Animals

One of my cousins did something that was genius.

On her invite she wrote “the couple kindly requests no stuffed animals.” Just like newborn clothes you may get lots of stuffed animals.

While I love a few special ones, they can very quickly accumulate. If you’re into minimalism, or don’t care for stuffed animals, this is genius.

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Wait to buy until things until after your shower

People are very generous when it comes to baby showers. Wait to buy anything until after your shower. There is a good chance someone will get it for you. Besides, why spend money you don’t need to. Stash it away for when the baby comes!

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Don’t be afraid to swap out newborn diapers for bigger sizes.

Just like newborn clothes, don’t be afraid to swap out newborn diapers for bigger sizes. Newborn diapers are 10 pounds and under.  Most baby’s will only be in newborn diapers for a few weeks at most. Don’t leave yourself stuck with more newborn diapers than you need. Check out my post on starting a diaper stockpile for more tips.

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It’s okay to not serve alcohol at a Baby Shower

It’s not expected that you serve alcohol at a baby shower. If you do serve alcohol, you won’t need as much as an afternoon event. With most baby showers being in the middle of the day on a Sunday, your guests usually don’t drink much. If you want to serve alcohol, punch is a nice and cost effective alternative.


The best thing to know about your baby shower is just have fun momma! Everyone is there to celebrate and support you! Congratulations!

7 things every mom should know before her baby shower




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