7 Ways to Build a Diaper Stockpile for Cheap or Free

Different ways to accumulate diapers before your baby is born. [ls_content_block id=”5580″]

Having diapers stocked up for before your baby arrives is awesome. It’s a great way to prepare ahead of time. That’s one of the reasons it’s nice to build a diaper stockpile before baby arrives. (Here is a jumping off point for how many diapers you should stockpile.)

With Libby I had a baby shower, which was a great way to get lots of diapers. With Lainey, I am picking them up on my own. Whether this is your first baby, or your fourth, here are 7 ways to build a diaper stockpile of your own.

7 Ways to Build a Diaper Stockpile

1. Diapers at your Shower

If you are having a baby shower, one great way to get a ton of diapers is by doing a diaper raffle. A diaper raffle is an optional way for your guests to participate in winning baskets by bring diapers and wipes, any kind, any size.

To host a diaper raffle, include a raffle card with your invitation. Have extra diaper raffle cards at your baby shower for friends and family that may have forgot their card at home.

Collect cards from everyone who brought diapers. Throughout opening your gifts, raffle off your baskets or have a big prize for everyone who brought diapers.

Diaper Raffle Cards available here

Diaper Raffle Cards available here
Diaper Raffle Cards available here

2. Diaper Party

A diaper party is another great way to score tons of diapers. This is becoming a popular “shower” option for dads. Dads will invite all of their friends over and serve them with beer and pizza, subs, etc.

Their friends will bring diapers, any kind, any size. It’s a fun way for dads to celebrate, and score tons of diapers. Diaper parties are also great for second and third (etc.) babies.

Since you will likely have most of the stuff you need from previous babies, it is not very common to do another shower (unless the babies are far apart).

3. A Sprinkle

A sprinkle is a small get together for additional babies after your first. These are hosted by your wonderful friends or family.

Since you have been “showered” with gifts once, a sprinkle is just that, a “sprinkle” of gifts. They are very low key and gifts usually include diapers, outfits, and little toys.

7 Mom tips to get diapers for cheap or free to build a diaper stockpile

4. Mom to Mom groups

Join local mom to mom groups. There are often other moms who purchased diapers that they don’t like, the baby is allergic to, or the baby grew out of.

You can often trade, or buy these at a deeply discounted price. I have also seen professional “couponers” who have large stockpiles and sell these at a discounted price.

5. Samples

Many brands offer free samples through their website. You can also check with your local OBGYN or Pediatricians office. You can usually score a few here and there which can help add to your collection.

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6. Ask around

Check with other moms and see if they have any diapers their baby grew out of or didn’t like.

7. Purchasing your own diapers

Different ways to accumulate diapers before your baby is born.

I saved this for last because there is a lot of information I am about to give you on this. In general, I found there are 5 common practices for stockpiling and purchasing diapers on your own.  Decide which practice(s) work best for your family. I am going to go over the advantages and cost savings of each.

1. Buying in Bulk/Value Packs: You may say, “I am just not that into coupons,” or I don’t have the time to buy packs and packs of diapers.

Buying in Bulk could be a great option for you. Purchasing items in bulk is usually always cheaper than paying per pack (without coupons/sales or discounts.) Buy in bulk from places like Costco, Sam’s Club or Amazon.

2. Buying Lowest Cost or Store Brand: Perhaps you don’t have $40 to spend at a time on boxes of diapers. A great alternative is buying store brand or low- cost diapers.

Isabelle, from Life With Isabelle, actually opened my eyes to this. Her post talks about how she saved 60% on diapers by shopping at Aldi’s.

I had to see for myself. Sure enough Aldi’s had great overall prices on diapers. While I have always bought name brand diapers, I picked up a pack and size 4. They worked just fine! Sure, they were thinner than what I was used to, but there were no issues with leaks or allergies.

In general, I found there were less issues with they type of diaper I  purchased, the bigger the size Libby was in.

3. Shopping Sales: Look for special sales. One of my best friends is not a coupon shopper, but is an expert at finding sales. She stocked up on Black Friday from Babies R’ Us. She bought boxes and boxes of diapers slashed down from retail price. This black Friday, I ordered three boxes for less then $40.00.

4. Ordering Online: If you don’t like to shop but still want to build a stockpile, ordering online may be best for you.

Amazon “Prime members unlock 20% savings on diapers and baby food subscriptions when receiving 5 or more products in a given month to a single address, compliments of Amazon Family.” Amazon also allows coupons to be clipped for added savings.

Be sure to sign-up and use Ebates before doing any online shopping. You will earn cashback for your purchases in addition you get special coupon codes that will save you a fortune. You will also get a $10 bonus for signing up through my link! Use it to start your stockpile! 🙂

5. Using Coupons or “Couponing”: Lastly, using coupons. This is my preferred method of getting diapers. I often save 40-90% on diapers by using manufacture coupons, store coupons, catalinas, store rewards cards, and store “cash.”

This by far is the most “time consuming” of all the options to building a stockpile, but it is such a thrill to save so much on diapers. It’s also very helpful on the income.

Download the Ibotta App. Check your favorite stores to see if they have rebates on diapers and other baby items.

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How I save hundreds on Diapers

Using coupons and deal match-ups is my FAVORITE way to score diapers for a stockpile. I often get diapers for 50% + off. My most valued method of diaper stockpiling comes from pairing manufacturer coupons, store coupons, Catalinas (store coupon for a future purchase) and “store cash” i.e. CVS Extra Bucks.

7 Tips for building a diaper stockpile

Because certain purchases may trigger unique offers, I like to evaluate the deal overall. Let me give you an example. Kroger recently had a deal if you spent $40.00 dollars on diapers(before coupons), you would receive a $10.00 Catalina (to be used in the future). In addition, Huggies was giving away a $10.00 Catalina when you spend $40.00.

So, if you spend $40.00 you get $20.00 for future purchases. I ended up spending $38.48 on my first trip (Trip 1 Below). Then I turned around and bought two packs of diapers for less than two dollars total (7.99+7.29) = 15.28 – 2 (2.00 coupons) – (1) 10.00 Catalina = $1.28 + tax.

I went back the next day with two more coupons I had at home and saved another $14.00, making my total for that trip = $2.98+tax. I was able to purchase four packs of diapers for less than $5.00.

Stockpiling Diapers from Kroger

My total out the door was 42.74+tax for one value box and five packs of diapers. My total savings was $36.50

*I do want to mention I purchased pull-ups and some larger size diapers. This means a higher price per diaper. Had I purchased smaller sizes, my price per diaper would be much lower and I would have saved another $2.00 (on Pull- Ups)

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Now, you should be ready to build a diaper stockpile of your own!

I am building a massive stockpile long before baby # 2 arrives... heres how. Build a Diaper Stockpile

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