I am a wife to an amazing husband, mom to two beautiful daughters and rescuer of four fur babies.  I love couponing and finding deal match-ups.   I am always organizing, rearranging or changing something. Most of my day is spent running a household, chasing around children, and running this blog.


I started Good Life of a Housewife after having my daughter. Having a child inspired me to be the best mom and wife I could be. After giving birth to our daughter, I knew I wanted to stay at home with her. Going from working fulltime to staying at home was a lifestyle adjustment, to say the least.

Contributing to the family income and having an identity—responsibility, outside of the home, was a huge part of my life. Making the decision to stay at home meant reestablishing my identity.

One book that really helped me transition through this was, Simple Abundance, by Sarah Ban Breathnach. It is a day book of “comfort and joy.”  A timeless classic that speaks to finding your authentic self.

On my journey as a new mom and housewife, I want to create and inspire a new outlook on life. More importantly, I want to create a loving and comfortable, family first home.

Running a household, cultivating meaningful relationships, raising healthy, altruistic, confident children, all of this, it’s an art. It takes teaching, learning, and practice.  To me, a “good housewife” is a matriarch.

It’s not about washing dishes, but keeping a clean home. It’s not about having children, but raising them to be kind, confident, independent and family oriented. It’s not about creating the “perfect” home, but creating a home that is perfect for your family; a safe zone

Good Life of a Housewife was created for families that want to create a safe zone. It’s a place to find inspiration, encourage and create.

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