Getting in the Halloween Spirit

Getting in the Halloween Spirit

“The wind outside nested in each tree, prowled the sidewalks in invisible treads like unseen cats. Tom Skelton shivered. Anyone could see that the wind was a special wind this night, and the darkness took on a special feel because it was All Hallows’ Eve. Everything seemed cut from soft black velvet or gold or orange velvet. Smoke panted up out of a thousand chimneys like the plumes of funeral parades. From kitchen windows drifted two pumpkin smells: gourds being cut, pies being baked.” 
― Ray Bradbury, The Halloween Tree

By now we have kissed the warm summer days goodbye and welcomed a crisp October. Oh, October, how perfect she is. To part ways with this most perfect month, we were given Halloween and all of her glory. There is so much excitement to be had as the kids make their way up and down the streets peppered with fallen colored leaves and filling their bags with goodies. Ghouls, goblins, and ghosts bring cheer as we welcome their Halloween Antics.  Here are some of my favorite things to get into the Halloween Spirit the weeks leading up to October 31st.

Super Addictive Halloween Toffee. www.goodlifeofahousewife.comMake a  Special Halloween Treat – I recently experimented with a version of “Christmas Crack,” I was thinking of calling it “Halloween Heroine,” but immediately sacked the idea because it seems completely inappropriate. My husband suggested the, “never ending cracker cake,” but I think I will just go with Addictive Halloween Toffee Crunch.  This was seriously so easy and only four ingredients including the sprinkles. Not to mention devilishly delicious and super easy to make.



Mail out Halloween Cards for a Fun Family Tradition.

Mail out Halloween Cards – Halloween can be a fun time to send out well wishes and scary frights. It can be a fun family tradition to start! Pick out individual cards or a multi pack*, include Halloween stickers to families with kids. Include an updated family photo and don’t forget a special note! I had fun decorating the envelope with witch hat stickers.



www.goodlifeofahousewife.comMake Halloween Themed Lunches –  
My little pumpkin isn’t old enough to be needing a sacked lunch yet, however, that doesn’t mean I can’t get creative. img_6578Instead, I just make them for my husband. I found some Halloween sacks at my local grocery store for a quarter a piece so I picked up a couple. I also found some Jones Orange Soda that fit perfectly with the theme of things: orange and black. If you have made pumpkin seeds for the season, those are a great addition. I decided to get creative with his turkey sandwich. I have a pumpkin cookie cutter I have never used and thought this was the perfect opportunity!

Halloween Decorations. www.goodlifeofahousewife.comDecorate your House –  Dead and Breakfast
Get in the spirit by decorating the yard. I was pleasantly surprised at all the awesome Halloween decorations that were at my local Dollar Tree. They have done a great job with stocking door hanging signs, “caution” tape, and other little trinkets. A few years ago, I made this dead and breakfast sign with some black and white spray paint, tape, and old paneling.




Happy Halloween!

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