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Happy Friday Everyone! It’s hard to believe I have blogging for over a year now.  I am excited to announce I have a new theme that will be more user friendly. Now I just have to organize, organize, organize. I feel like most of my battle with blogging is really getting my sitemap organized. Mostly because there are so many topics I have fun writing about that I really end up all over the place. 🙂

Here in Michigan we have been experiencing a cooler-than-usual August. It has really put me in the mood to start fall celebrations early this year.

Time to replace the old hanging baskets with some fall mums.

Time to replace the old hanging baskets with some fall mums.


Libby and I had a recent outing to the Dollar Tree where we found some fab finds. There are so many great items to purchase there. Here are my favorite items:

Gift Bags & Tissue Paper

Dollar Tree is really on their “A” game for gift bags and tissue paper. They have a large selection that is great quality for the price that you pay.

Holiday Signs

Seasonal signs are a great way to dress up a door or an inexpensive wall decoration. I pick one up for every holiday or season.


There are lots of fun styles for holidays. It’s such an easy way to add flair to the eating area.

Party Gear

Paper plates, napkins, cups, forks… there is a huge selection in different colors. It’s perfect to add a kick of color to any party.


Disposable bakeware is perfect for the up coming Holidays. I like to buy a few extra to have on hand. It makes it so much easier to show up to a party and not have to worry about cleaning and getting your dish back.

Pregnancy Tests

You may be thinking: Pregnancy Test? But if you are family planning these are way cheaper than ones you get at the drugstore. There is one caveat. You won’t know as soon because they are not early response. But if it comes back positive, then you can opt for the 15 others you’re probably going to buy anyways.

Theatre Candy

I love all the candy in the square boxes, Sprees, Reese’s, etc. They are perfect little add-ons for birthday presents. They are also great for a movie night or making a movie night gift basket.

Organizers/ Baskets

There is always something I can organize. Dollar Tree has such a large variety of baskets, I am always picking one up for something.

These are my go-to items when I shop at Dollar Tree. Do you have any items you really love?

What are the best things to get at the Dollar Tree? Here are my favorite things to pick up for holidays, birthdays, and more | Dollar Tree crafts| Best items at Dollar Tree







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