Best Tips for Hosting Family & Visitors at the Holidays

Best Tips for Hosting Family & Visitors at the Holidays

Preparing a Space for Your Guests

We’re about to start the Holiday Trinity: Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years. This usually means Turkey, Ham, and of course, Company. I always love when we have family and friends staying with us. It brings excitement and energy to t
he house. It means more people to join in around the dinner table, more laughs, and lots of fun memories.  I have a spare bedroom that would make a great office, but I just refuse to do it because I like to have at least one designated spot for company. Obviously, having an extra bedroom is not a requirement when you have company stay, and our extra room may one day be housing little feet, but until then it will remain a guest bedroom.  I put together a list of things to do to make your company feel more welcomed:

Preparing a Space

Whether guests will be staying in their own room, an extra sofa, or a kids bed, get the space ready. Tidy up the place by removing clutter, vacuuming and washing the sheets and bedding. Make sure you have enough pillows and blankets. There are usually lots of good deals and even door busters this time of the year.  Clean up the bathroom so they feel comfortable using it. Set aside some clean towels and wash clothes so they have them to use when they are ready.  You can set them on the bed where they are sleeping, or if they will have their own bathroom, stage them by the sink like at a hotel.

The Essentials

It’s always nice to out a few water bottles in the room. This is great so your company doesn’t have to make a long journey through the house to get a glass of water. If you don’t already have them, night lights are good idea for children who may be afraid of the dark or need help navigating to the bathroom in the middle of the night. If you have WIFI, make a sign stating the WIFI login and Password, frame it and hang it on the wall.  Make sure you also have some extra house keys. If your company will be visiting with other relatives or coming and going, it will be helpful for them to move freely without having to coordinate schedules.

Making the Space Special

I love playing around with the Hotel concept. We have collected an assortment of mini shampoos, conditioners, sewing kits, and other samples that come from past extended stay traveling. I always leave those out on the nightstand.  If you don’t have hotel onces, you can find them at most stores for a few dollars. Another way to add a little excitement, put  mints on the the pillows.  If your family members like to “get in the  into Spirit[s],” put out some mini liquor bottles and soft drinks to create a “mini bar.” Set out by the the mini bar some bags of pretzels, chips or other small snacks. Optional: An outlandish price menu for the Mini Bar; as a joke, were not here to exploit our family!


The Arrival

Ahhh, the arrival, the moment we have all been waiting for! When your guests finally arrive greet them with a warm welcome (How else would you greet them?!?).  Traveling is not glamourous like it once was. Now, there are long security lines, trying to cram all your belongings into overhead bins, and expensive airplane snacks.  Keeping in mind your company will probably be tired from a long day of travel, plan accordingly. Help bring in luggage and get them settled in. Once they get settled, make some drinks and relax. Lay out some snacks or have a meal already planned. If all else fails, order a pizza. It’s quick, they deliver, and most people like pizza!

Best of luck with your Holiday Entertaining!


Check List:How to Make Guest Feel Welcome this Thanksgiving

  • Vacuum
  • Clean the Bathroom
  • Fresh Bedding
  • Leave out Towels & Wash Clothes
  • Mints on their Pillows
  • Water Bottles in their Room
  • Create a Sign with the Wifi Password
  • Leave out Mini Shampoos or Conditioners
  • Extra House key
  • Create Mini Bar & Snack Bar
  • Help Bring in Luggage
  • Have Snacks or a Meal Ready for when they Arrive
  • Don’t forget some beverages: Hot Cocoa, Water… Martini….
  • Relax & Have Fun


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