I love Christmas! Decorating,  food,  family, it’s the most  wonderful time of the year. However, sometimes it can feel overwhelming. I started using a Christmas Planner to help make the most of the season.

What a difference it makes! Instead of forgetting things or feeling overwhelmed, I just write it down and get to what I can. I want that for your family to! Scroll down and get your free Holiday Planner (PDF).

Family Christmas Traditions and Magic

Here are my favorite Christmas traditions, recipes, and tips. If your looking for somewhere to start, check out 85 Things to Do This Christmas Season, Supermom’s Guide to Christmas (how to feel less overwhelmed) or saving for Christmas.

Christmas Holiday Planner

Need help keeping Christmas organized? Checkout this free Holiday Planner that will help you plan right through the Christmas season. It has budget printables, gift lists and more.

Get your free Christmas Holiday Planner.

Christmas Countdown Printable

Christmas Countdown Free Printable Calender

December’s  bucket list is a little different than the rest of the months. Starting December 1st, we will be doing a Christmas Countdown. To jumpstart the countdown, I made Libby a Toddler Christmas Box. In addition to the Toddler Box, I created this Christmas Countdown Printable to fill in crafts, things to make and places to go. I tried to coordinate it around our December schedule.

Use this printable to plan some fun for your family this Christmas!

>25 Days of Christmas Blank Christmas Calendar Free Printable PDF

25 Christmas Festivities that Made the List

Christmas Countdown for Toddlers and Family #ChristmasCountdown #FreePrintable


More toddler activities are making the Countdown this year. With another baby due in February, I am working on hammering out some activities to keep Libby busy. Christmas is the perfect time to try out new crafts. Of course, I also added some Christmas favorites: wrapping presents, making cookies, and having pancakes for dinner!

  1. Decorate the House
  2. Make Wreaths (for Gifts)
  3. Watch a Christmas Movie
  4. Decorate Clear Ornaments (Melted Crayons- Toddler Craft)
  5. Decorate a Christmas Tree (Paper – Toddler Craft)
  6. Grow a Candy Cane (Toddler Fun)
  7. Paint Hands & Feet (Toddler Craft)
  8. Make Hot Cocoa 
  9. Go Look at Christmas Lights
  10. Fill up Boots with Goodies & Candies
  11. Make Bird Feeders
  12. Have Pancakes for Dinner
  13. Make Paper Wreaths (Toddler Craft)
  14. Have a Christmas Bath (Toddler Fun)
  15. Paint Nails Red
  16. December Birthday Bash
  17. Wrap Presents
  18. Make Christmas Cupcakes
  19. Shopping & Dinner Downtown
  20. Make Christmas Floral Arrangements
  21. Have a Peppermint Latte
  22. Read by the Fireplace
  23. Make Christmas Cookies
  24. Visit Friends and Family
  25. Watch a Black & White Christmas Movie [Eat Cinnamon Rolls]

Whats on your Christmas Countdown? Do you have a fun craft or idea on your blog? Link it in the comments below!

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