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Hygge Christmas Aesthetic - Good Life of a Housewife

Christmas aesthetic and inspiration to find your perfect color combination. There are so many choices when it comes to Christmas. A winter wonderland, red and green traditional Christmas, girly and pink.

I have always been a fan of red and green, but these last few years, I have been leveling up my Christmas décor. Last year, I picked up a ton of blue, green and gold picks, and ornaments for my “adult” glam tree in the front living room.

For the family tree, I will be using a red, green and white peppermint meets who-ville theme.

Here are some Christmas Aesthetic ideas to get you inspired.

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Classic, Modern and Fun Christmas Aesthetic for your Home

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

Grinch Christmas Color Inspiration - Good Life of a Housewife
My girls all love the Grinch who stole Christmas. This is the color inspiration that makes it on our tree every year. Along with huge peppermints and candy canes.

If you’re really feeling festive, check out this HILARIOUS grinch costume.

Pretty & Neutral

White Neutrals - Good Life of a Housewife

Pretty, simple and neutral. Perfect if you want to stretch out your decor passed the Christmas season. It’s easy on the eyes and captures a snowy Christmas.

A Traditional Gone Modern Palette

Christmas Aesthetic Classic Colors
Traditional colors with dark greens, taupes, reds, and whites. Always a a classic and makes for a crisp Christmas display. A darker green or iron ore color is a newer modern trend.

Oh Holy Night Christmas Aesthetic

A Winter's Glow Christmas Aesthetic - Good Life fo a Housewife
I love this color palette as an alternative to reds and greens. The White snow capturing the purples and blues of winter at dusk. These colors would make for a great nautical tree or snowman tree.

Christmas Cookie Inspiration – Crisp Colors and Warm Colors

Christmas Decor Ideas
Bright red and greens, warm gingerbread orange, and deep brownish red. I know that those rusty colors are trending huge in the decor realm. I love the contrast of a warm color with the bright pops for Christmas.

Farmhouse Chic

Christmas Tree Inspiration for Farmhouse Christmas
Brown paper packages tied up with strings, red bulbs and gold bulbs, and simpler things.

Merry & Bright

Bright and Bold Christmas Inspiration
Bright and bold colors to brighten up the dark winter. These colors would look great with white lights or even a white tree where the bright colors can really shine.

Miss Christmas – Pink & Girly

Miss Christmas - Pink Girly - Good Life of a Housewife
There would have been time that I said pink for Christmas – N-E-V-E-R. But then I had three little girls. It’s actually superfine picking out girly ornaments, gingerbread houses, and cupcakes. This would be totally glam in feminine room!

Mountain Lodge Warm & Cozy

A Rustic Christmas Aesthetic - Good Life of a Housewife
I love the warm browns paired with a warm red and slightly warm white. This reminds of colors you would see in a mountain lodge.

Snow at Sunrise Neural and Bright

Christmas Aesthetic - Winter Wonderland- Good Life of a Housewife
A perfect neutral Christmas palette to capture the spirit of snow cover Christmas.

90s Inspired Classic

90's Christmas Aesthetic - Good Life of a Housewife
Something about the dark greens, and warm reds reminds me of a 90’s inspired Christmas. Add some plaid and its a done deal. Perfect for a traditional, cozy, Christmas affair.

Christmas at Tiffany’s

Bright and High Contrast Christmas Inspiration - Good Life of a Housewife
I love the dark green tree with the high contrast red and aqua bulbs. It reminds me of a Tiffany Blue. Which how cute would a Tiffany’s tree be?

Lady Christmas – A Luxurious Affair

Elegant Red and Gold Christmas Inspiration - Good Life of a Housewife
The deep gold looks super luxurious with red satin ribbon. The gold lights mimicking the color of the candle flame make for a super cozy Christmas Aesthetic. It reminds of a Lady Godiva box of Chocolate.

Hygge Inspired Christmas Tree

Hygge Christmas Aesthetic - Good Life of a Housewife
Easy on the eye, natural colors, wood elements, and a beautiful green tree wrapped in small twinkle lights – create all the ambiance of hygge, just add hot coco.

Modern and Monochrome

Modern Christmas Decor - Good Life of a Housewife
Layer greens on greens for a fun pop-art type Christmas. The green monochrome palette is a modern twist on the classic color.

“I Smell Snow”

Christmas at Dusk - Winter Aesthetic - Good Life of a Housewife
There is something so magical about that first snow that coats the ground. A gorgeous purple sky, reflecting off the snow creates serene but moody Christmas glow. This is a great color palette for something different. And it totally reminds me of the Gilmore Girls.

Dance of the Sugar Plum Very – Miss Christmas II

Pink Girly Christmas Inspiration
Miss Christmas II light pink and gold perfect for a little girls room or a soft elegant tree.

Love a girly Christmas? Check out the Ms. Christmas Playlist

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