Christmas Box for Toddlers [25 Days of Christmas]

This was the first gift I wrapped this year. A Christmas 1st Box for Libby.

I just wrapped the first present of the season: a Christmas box for Libby. This will be our first year celebrating 25 days of Christmas as a family. Sure, we do it unofficially, but this year we picked up a Christmas countdown calendar. That makes it official. To jump start our 25 days of Christmas, I made Libby a Christmas Box to be opened on December 1st.

The December 1st Christmas box is a way to get into the Christmas spirit for the whole month of December. With her really starting to get excited and catch on to things, I am eager to give her this! We wanted to get her items with Santa so she could get excited he is  coming to see her.

What’s in the Toddler Christmas Box:

Toddler Christmas Box for December 1st

New Pajamas

No Christmas box is complete without a new pair of Christmas jammies. I love these styles with the buttons. They seem so traditional. I picked mine up at Babies R’ Us. They are by Koala Kids. Here are some similar styles by Carter’s currently available on Amazon.

A Christmas Book

For a Christmas book, I picked up Fancy Nancy Splendiferous Christmas. It has five star reviews on Amazon, and Libby LOVES all things girly. Don’ forget you can order used books on Amazon. That’s what I did. It came it good condition and saved some money.  Libby’s still rough on her books, seeing as she is only two.

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A Christmas Countdown Calendar

We opted for a Chocolate Countdown calendar. I wanted something she could look forward to opening when my husband got home from work. We try to avoid too many sweets, but I do prefer chocolate to other candies. If you get one with candies, pick-it up from the store, it’s much less expensive!



I ordered these Christmas Stickers that I ended up giving to her on Thanksgiving for a busy time activity (I’m still putting them in her box:)). They’re nice because they are larger stickers, perfect for small hands.  Target’s dollar bins also had some fun Christmas stickers. Which I also picked up.

Juices Boxes or Snacks

A few juice boxes made it in to the Christmas box. She just loves these. I threw them in for an added treat. It’s hard not to go crazy with all the adorable Christmas packaging out there!

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This was the first gift I wrapped this year. A Christmas 1st Box for Libby.








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