Christmas Printables and Budget Planner

Christmas Planner Printables

Christmas is coming. Can you feel it in the air tonight? Just kidding, it’s only October. But for those of us who like to get a head start… it’s time to get our planning on. Or at least use these Christmas Printables  and budget planner to get going and find ways to save on Christmas, and pretty much be supermom at Christmas.

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Over the years I have gotten so much better at preparing for Christmas. One year I had all my shopping done in November, presents wrapped, and under the tree by early December.  But it didn’t really feel like Christmas.

Now our routine is totally starting to fall into place and it’s just the best with little kids. Libby will be three this year and we are really looking forward to all the magic of the season.

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Christmas Planner and Christmas Budgeter

Without a planner it seemed like I was always scrambling to keep up with all of the things I wanted to do. It was more like treading water then going for a joy ride. Now, we time block things and really make the most of it.

One of our favorite Christmas traditions is picking out christmas tree. I like to go all out Hallmark movie style. We get dressed up, I put on my red lipstick, and we bring our hot drinks.   The weekend following Thanksgiving is when we go all-out Christmas.

To focus on the reason for the season, I like to get all the planning down on paper. I then put them in my three ring household binder in clear sheet protecters (these ones). They are nice because you can keep them year after year for a reference for next year and for memories.

Christmas To-Do List

This Christmas printable is for popular items you may forget about at Christmas. Use this list to create your own custom list.

Christmas Planner to do list free printable for planning for Christmas

This page is to fill in and create your own

Christmas planner task list and free Christmas Printable

Christmas Budgets

Christmas needs a budget. At least in our house. I really love to indulge at Christmas, be it gifts, or fancy coffees, or extravagant food. We recently moved to a cash budget, so every thing we spend needs to be accounted for.

Cash/Debit card gives flexibility without the debt hangover come January. I really like to use Ebates for getting cash back on shopping and using coupon codes that can save money or get little freebies that make for good stocking stuffers. Don’t forget to sign-up so you can get 10 bucks on them and save money on all of your shopping.

Anything that could fall under a Christmas expense gets added to the budget page.

Christmas Money Saving Tips:

  • Put cash into envelopes so you can’t overspend.
  • Keep this budget sheet with you so you can just subtract it from the “actual spent.”
  • Use Rakuten for any online shopping to save cash back and get special discounts, sign-up here and get a $40.00 qualifying bonus up until November 16th, 2023.

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Christmas Budget and Free Christmas Planner Printable

Stocking Budget Planner and Printable

If you still do stockings, it’s good to add them into the budget. We always like to have a few fun things and a few practical things in the stocking. Every stocking needs an oversized candy cane. It's pretty much a must. Use this free printable to budget for all of your stocking stuffers.

Gift Budget Planner and Printable (for immediate family)

This gift list is for keeping track of presents for people that live in the house. You know, your family you maybe buying multiple gifts for.  We also have a lot of people outside of the house, grandpas, grandmas, etc., that we buy for. All of those gifts go on the second printout.

Christmas Gift List Budget Planner Printable Worksheet t
Christmas Gift List planner and printable worksheet for extended friends and family

Craft and Supplies Christmas Planner

A craft and supplies Christmas Planner to make sure you have all of the essentials. On the right, there are three boxes for any special homemade gifts, or crafts you plan to make.

2018 Christmas Planner and Christmas Budget

Card List

Keep a list of all the people you want to mail Christmas Cards to. Use the list for years to come so they are all in one accessible spot.

Christmas Card List Printable

Baking Planner

Use the Baking Planner to track ingredients you need or recipes you want to make. Don’t forget to order any baking tools you may need, like a cookie scoop for even cookies, specialty bakeware, or a cookie press. There’s nothing worse than planning a bake-a-thon and realizing you forgot parchment paper.

Baking List Planner

November and December Calendar Printables

I like to use these to fill in Christmas Family Traditions, Advent Calendar ideas, and events. I find it less overwhelming when I set aside a time block to bake cookies for Santa or go Christmas Shopping. My birthday’s in December so me and the hubby like to go to our local down town, have dinner, check out the lights (they’re amazing) and pick-up a few gifts from the local toy store.

November Blank Christmas Calendar Printable
November Blank Christmas Calendar Printable

Weekly Christmas To-Do’s

I don't let Christmas stress me out. Get organized this Christmas and enjoy it instead.

A weekly planner to really help with breaking down Christmas inspired tasks. Having everything scheduled gets everything done. Cheers! Then it’s just Christmas fun.

Weekly Christmas To do Planner

Plus More

There are also a few other bonus pages in there. It’s a work in progress I keep updating. Eventually, I am going to add in free printables for hosting. If you would like to receive those, join my mailing list. I always send out my updated printables to my readers πŸ™‚ You friends, are the best! πŸ™‚

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  1. Amelia Sunderland
    November 16 / 7:55 pm

    Thank you for these printables! They are exactly what I needed and cute as well! Cozi (online calendar we use as a family) had a great Christmas card list but nothing else I needed. The baking planner is awesome and beats the handwritten list I scribbled out. Thank you!!

    • Chanele
      November 21 / 12:14 am

      Thank you so much! I am glad you like them πŸ™‚

  2. Pat
    February 26 / 2:40 pm


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