Crafty Kids Gift Guide for Christmas – Perfect Inspo for Girls who like to Create

Crafty Kids Gift Guide

Arts and craft kits are the a great addition to any Christmas Wishlist. This Crafty kids gift guide is full of fun and hands on crafts.

Crafts give kids the opportunity to create, learn new skills and practice patience. If you’re giving a craft kit to a child in your life, my best advice is stick to age appropriate.

We’ve had our fair share of tears over crafts that were just too difficult because the motor skill requirement was out of the age range. Most of the crafts and kits are very friendly for the 6+ age range.

Crafty Kids Gift Guide for Christmas

Crafty Kids Gift Guide

1. Soap Making Kit – Perfect for kids that like the mix and create

2. Butterfly Quilt MakingKit – Perfect for kids that like to craft with fabrics

3. Sewing Kit – This sewing kit is great for beginning sewers, it’s not too hard to weave the thread. It comes with six projects.

4. Flower Making Kit – If you have a child that likes to makes gift and hand them out, this is perfect. There are multiple flower combinations and they are easy to create.

5. Flower Garden Kit – Start in an indoor flower garden

6. Light-up Terrarium Kit – The kids have a lot of fun building these little terrariums. They also light up.

7. Paper Craft Kit – Perfect for making crafts out of paper and templates.

8. Note Creator Scratch Paper – Scratch paper for writing notes, drawing pictures, or just being creative

9. Book Creator – Give the gift of your child creating their own book. Printing and Delivery of the book is included.

10. Loom Rainbow Bracelet Makers– These are a big hit with second and third graders. They take some time to teach the strategy, but once they get the hang of it they start making them and sharing them with friends.

11. Clay Charms (Klutz Craft Kit) – Create cute little charms for a charm bracelet. Mold Shape and mix colors.

12. Giant Art Supply Kit – When all else fails, opt for a giant Art Supply Kit. This is the craft equivalent to “go play outside in the woods.” You know, go wild have fun. There are no expectations. Just get creative.

Thanks for reading my Crafty Kids Gift Guide. If you need more ideas check out my Unicorn Inspo Guide for Kids.

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