Easy Festive Peeps Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate with Peeps Marshmallow for Christmas

Hot chocolate is the perfect kick off drink to the Christmas season. For me, it brings back fond memories of cold Decembers and long winters when my mom and I would hangout by the Christmas tree and sip on this.

As kids we don’t often get a variety of “specialty drinks,” so it’s always a perk of the sweater weather months. These drinks are perfect for movie night, after playing outside, or an after dinner treat.

Peeps marshmallows are one of those seasonal treats, that are pretty and decorative, but not necessarily a go to candy I would choose to eat by itself.

A few years ago I made some hot cocoa and it dawned on me to use these marshmallows as a way to dress up the hot cocoa.  Just like that, it became our cold weather “thing.”

Mom’s Super Easy Hot Chocolate

Heresy’s Syrup
Whipped Cream

Easy enough, right? I think this could also be called “The Busy Mom’s Hot Cocoa.” It’s perfect for any busy mom, but still allows for a touch of magic.   I use about a cup of milk, and then add Hersey’s Syrup. The syrup is about  a 5-10 second hold above the milk – but it really is a preference of how much chocolate you like.  Stir vigorously. Microwave to warm.  Our microwave is pre-Babylonian, so it takes about 2 minutes or more to get to desired hotness. You can also warm the milk on the stove over medium/low heat being careful not to burn. Top generously with whipped cream. Add any toppings, like sprinkles, and finish with a peep marshmallow.

Add Chocolate Syrup to Milk

Stir until blended

Pile on the whipped cream. It will melt and add a creaminess to the drink.

It looks like a Christmas Tree in snow. I added sprinkles because I LOVE these sprinkles.

My mom used to make this hot chocolate. It’s super easy hot chocolate that the kids will love. Peeps Hot Chocolate.

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