Delivering a Baby During a Pandemic

Having a Baby During a Pandemic

What was it like delivering a baby during a Pandemic? I am glad you asked, unlike the birth of my first born, delivering a baby during a pandemic was an interesting experience.

Delivering a Baby During a Pandemic

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If you are pregnant or expecting you may be wondering what it will be like to deliver your baby during a pandemic. At the end of April, I got to discover firsthand what it would be like delivering a baby during a pandemic. Our third daughter, Clara, was brought into this world during a state-wide shut down. 

Delivering her was a much different than my first two. Starting with the arrival. Clara was a scheduled induction. We went into the hospital at 6:30 AM. Upon arrival, we were greeted at a single entrance, where we were asked screening questions to see if we had symptoms for COVID-19. 

As part of my delivery team, my husband was my one allowed “visitor,” in the room. Your OBGYN will let you know how many people are allowed in your hospital room. 

Unlike the birth of my second, child Lainey, my husband was not

allowed to leave the room once we got there. If he needed to leave the room, he would not be able to return.  All childcare arrangements for siblings had to made prior to us going to the hospital. 

It also meant that we had to bring in everything with us. Including the car seat, which normally would stay in the car, and he would run out and get before checking out of the hospital. 

Just in case I went into labor early, I had my hospital bag packed, including clothes for my husband, phone chargers, toiletries, pajamas, these awesome nursing shirts, etc. 

What was the hardest part of Delivery?

Since Clara was my third, I knew what to expect. I was not nervous about the delivery, but hands down the hardest part was being HUNGRY. 

Like with my other girls (also induced), we were planning on picking up breakfast on the way to the hospital. When it came to pick-up food, the hours were changed, due to our statewide shutdown. So, we improvised, and I resorted to a granola bar instead. 

Once you get to the hospital, they don’t allow you to eat or drink anything. (This may be different at yours, but most likely not incase a c-section is needed).

My husband wasn’t allowed to leave, so they kept bringing him meals…breakfast, lunch and dinner.  The smells were the hardest part. I was starving. I would have even settled for his broccoli.

As my husband was eating his dinner, I found myself secretly tearing up. The prospect of going hungry all day and getting stuck with an afterhours prepackaged turkey and cheese sandwich, sigh. Even at the time, I knew how ridiculous it was to be shedding tears over a turkey sandwich, but hey, pregnancy hormones. 

Come dinner time, and still no baby, I took the nurse up on eating a popsicle. Against my better judgement, I ate it anyways. It’s not the case for everyone, but I know when I am hungry, eating something sugary on a completely empty stomach would probably make me nauseous. 

I am not sure if was the baby pressing on a nerve, or that popsicle, but I went from laughing and talking with my husband to getting sick, in the snap of a finger. Within the next 30 minutes the baby started coming as I was gagging and pushing. The doctor told me since I was so soon to deliver, there wasn’t much that would help.

Luckily, once the baby came, the nausea immediately subsided. The doctor said, “It’s a girl!” Pure bliss. Another beautiful baby, we were blessed with.

While, it can seem like there are a lot of unknowns, once the baby comes everything seems to fall in place.

Yes, we all had to wear masks. It wasn’t to unmanageable. All the doctors and nurses remained in protective gear.

They also saw to getting us out quickly since it was our third baby, with no complications, and we both passed all of the health checks.

Previously, we were discharged after 48 hours.  This time around we were able to leave right passed the 24 hour mark, which ended up being 9PM the day after delivery. 

Like with our other babies, we still drove home going 25 MPH while I sat in the back seat with her. However, this time, there was almost no traffic on the road. 

When you are nervous about delivering

If you are nervous about delivering during the pandemic, just know everyone is trying to take proper precautions for the safety of you and your baby. I find the best way to overcome fear, is preparing for outcomes the best you can.

Ask questions so your expectations are managed and you know what you can expect.

Keep a list of questions on your phone so you don’t forget when you go in for your appointments. Here are some of the questions I asked my OBGYN:

Questions to Ask your OBGYN

  • Who can I have in the room with me?
  • Do I need to bring my own supplies (diapers, formula, etc.?)
  • What’s the protocol for delivery if I do contract Covid?  (My hospital had a special room for a mother who were to test positive)
  • Can we leave the room once we are checked in?
  • Is there anything specific you recommend I bring? 

Things to Bring to the Hospital

  • Phone charger cord
  • Lots of food and drinks if you can’t leave. ( I brought granola bars, beef jerky, sparkly water, pop, etc.)
  • Nursing Shirts, these are my favorite
  • Maternity Underwear – if you don’t want the mesh ones provided
  • A mask, if required to wear one. 
  • Shower Cap – for a post-delivery shower so you can enjoy a shower but don’t have soggy, wet hair. This one is my favorite, I have used it for years (with the occasional replacement).
  • Don’t forget to stock up on Pads and other postpartum care items. They may take longer to come by mail, and you may not want to go out with a newborn at home. 
  • Clothes to bring baby home in

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