DIY cupcake stand for a baby shower

DIY cupcake stand for a baby shower

Easy and Inexpensive DIY Cupcake Stand for a Wedding or Baby Shower. 

Recently one of my best friends had a baby shower. I offered to do the cupcakes. While I am no professional, I do bake a lot.  I had all the ingredients, specially selected the toppers, and even went to the dollar store to get cupcake carriers(which worked great BTW). In the process of hammering out the details, I realized I needed somewhere to display the cupcakes. Challenge accepted.  I already had one cupcake holder, which held about 24ish cupcakes, but I was making close to 70. This is the stand I used,  but now use as a fruit organizer,( which you can read about here).

DIY cupcake stand perfect for wedding showers and baby showers.

Anyways, it’s really not rocket science. I ended up finding an old monster box, we got from Costco and always seem to have
laying around in the      garage. Really you can use anything, and you can stack multiple boxes if you wish. for me this happened to be a great size. I was able to fit 15 cupcakes on the top of the box, as well as about 25 around the perimeter of the box, with the ones in front being a double layer.

  1. Find a box that you would like to use. Make sure it is firm cardboard so it does not collapse under the weight of multiple cupcakes.
  2. Pick out a wrapping paper, or tissue paper you like. I used a thick metallic gold  tissue paper that matched the gift baskets. I doubled it up so the logo could not be seen underneath. Wrap it like you would a present, but hide any tape on the bottom of the box.
  3. That’s it! Transport it carefully so it does not rip!

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