Easter Flower Centerpiece

Easter Flower Centerpiece

Before things got turned upside down with stay home orders, I made a trip to the Dollar Tree to pick-up some Easter goodies. This year, I wanted a big oversized easter flower centerpiece to add some fun and color to the house.

After some shopping, I found the perfect bundle of yellow tulips to compliment a fun and kid approved flower arrangement. Easter meets Willy Wonka was the vibe I was going for.

Easter Flower Centerpiece How-To

Easter Decorations

Pick out two vases, one small enough to fit inside another. I have this large oversize vase, that holds a smaller one filled up with fresh yellow tulips.

Easter Centerpiece

Because the vase is so large, I used different colors of Easter grass to help fill in the space.

Easter Flower Arrangement

Next, I layered some plastic eggs on tip of the pink Easter grass.

Peeps on a Stick

For height and added whimsical touch, I put different color peeps on cake pop sticks to stick in the vase and in the tulips. The kids were definitely trying to sneak them the first couple days before they hardened up. 🙂

Easter Floral Arrangement
Willy Wonka inspired Easter Floral Arrangement

After filling with grass and eggs, I used these picks, which I purchased from Dollar Tree, to give it a Willy Wonka vibe.

I placed them in the back of the bouquet behind the tulips. Glitter Eggs on sticks, which I purchased from the Dollar Tree a few years back, were also added in between the tulips.

The final result was a fun colorful Easter floral arrangement. If you want to prolong your arrangement, you can always opt for silk flowers. I do love fresh flowers though!

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