Easter Ideas for Young Toddlers

Toddler Easter Ideas

With two young toddlers at home, it’s a chance to have some Easter fun! Easter ideas for young toddlers are endless. Here are some Easter ideas to try out with your kiddos.

Small treats, little toys, and of course LOL surprise dolls made the Easter basket cut this year.
Small treats, little toys, and of course, LOL Surprise Dolls made the Easter basket cut this year.

Stuff Gigantic Eggs with the Best Prizes…

I put an LOL Surprise Doll in a gigantic egg and made sure she will really have to look for it.

Toddler Easter Ideas

Bunny Money

Put dollars bills into glittery eggs for some “bunny money.” Let the glitter fall on the dollars for added sparkle.

Put dollars bills into glittery eggs for some "bunny money." Let the glitter fall on the dollars for added sparkle.

Bunny Money
Bunny Money

Find the Carrots

I planted these carrots in Easter Grass. This came after the idea of creating a huge “grass” bunny den….

Toddler ideas

Make a Bunny Den

I had bags and bags of green grass. I sprawled it out on our trampoline(we just got it and haven’t moved it outside yet). I put green eggs in there to make it a little “tougher” for a young toddler to easily spot. It was a hit. Young toddlers will love this Easter idea.

Carrots growing in grass

Toddler Easter Ideas

Fun to be One special eggs

Put puffs into eggs for young babies and one year olds.

Egg Path for One Year Olds

This little egg path is perfect a one year old.

An Egg inside an egg, inside an egg

Put eggs inside of other eggs to give small toddlers something to get excited about.

Fun Easter Ideas for a one year old

Hide a small awesome gift at the bottom of the basket

Hide little surprises underneath the Easter grass.

Don’t forget Mom 🙂

Easter Goody for Mom 🙂 Plant mister!

Easter Baskets for Toddlers
Easter Baskets for Toddlers (3 Year old and 1 Year old)

I hope you enjoyed these Easter ideas for young toddlers. Happy Easter to you and your family! Check out more Easter fun for kids below.

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