Fall Hygge: 8 Things You Can Do to Create a Cozy Home

Fall Feels - Good Life of a Housewife

This is the time of year when we all start to feel a little bit more introspective. We want to wrap up in our favorite blanket, light some candles and take some time for ourselves. Hygge, or as the Danes call it “hyggelig,” is a way to make your house cozy and warm for the long dark winter-and it starts with making your home inviting. Here are some quick tips on how to create a hyggelig home in the Fall.

Here are 8 things you can do to create that warm and inviting home-from decorating with candles to hosting movie nights. Make sure you don’t forget dessert!

Turn off the bright lights and switch on house lamps with Edison bulbs.

One of the easiest ways to make your home more cozy is by turning off the bright lights and switching on house lamps with Edison style light bulbs. Doing this creates a feeling of coziness in any room because you are using soft light instead of harsh light. Look for amber or warm colored light bulbs to get that extra cozy candle glow.

Swap out your summer blankets for warm, fuzzy and knit throws

Swap out your summer blankets for warm, fuzzy and knit throws. There’s nothing better than wrapping up in a blanket when you are cold. Start with the traditional wool blanket-it keeps you warm even when it’s damp outside. Fuzzy blankets and throws can be made from blends that simulate the feeling of snuggling a puppy.

Keep a stock of ingredients for hot drinks, like tea, coffee and coco.

Keep a stock of ingredients for hot drinks, like tea, coffee and coco. Use them to make some kind of yummy hot drink concoction like chai tea or a hot cocoa with whipped cream.

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Maintain a Tidy Home for Fall Hygge

Cleanliness at home is very important. It signifies the hygiene of the members of a household. The cleanliness also reflects on the general way of life in a home. Messy is not cozy. Simply put, an orderly and clean home denotes an orderly and respectable lifestyle, totally inline with Fall Hygge.

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Keep the floor warm with area rugs

Keeping your floor warm is a great way to make your home look cozy. This works especially well if you have wood floors. Area rugs help add color and style to their surroundings while maintaining warmth in the room.

Fall Feels - Fall Hygge - Good Life of a Housewife

Avoid cold feet by wearing fuzzy socks or slippers

One of the best ways to avoid cold feet in the Fall is to wear fuzzy socks or slippers. This will keep your feet warm and they are affordable for everyone. These ones from Target are some of my favorites. They’re warm and fuzzy and practical for wearing around the house.

Pick-up a fall book to read by candle or next to the fireplace

Pick up a Fall book to read by candle or next to the fireplace and relax. Fall is the perfect time of year for reading all those Fall novels that you’ve been waiting to read all year.

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Invite people over for luxury desserts

Fall Hygge - Good Life of a Housewife

Inviting people over for Fall desserts is a great way to get some Fall-appropriate food in your life, indulge in some Fall goodies, and have some friends over! Fall desserts are the perfect way to celebrate the season’s flavors-from pumpkin pie to apple crumble.

Start Getting Ready for a Cozy Fall

You’ve heard of Hygge, and now it’s time to get (Fall) cozy. Fall is the perfect season for cuddling up with a hot drink while watching the leaves change colors outside your window.

Fall is the perfect time to get cozy-whether it be by using blankets, changing your light bulbs or eating Fall desserts! Enjoy having friends over for board games, card games or just chatting.

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