February, You’re Perfect: Bucket List

February, You're Perfect. | Ultimate February Bucket List| Good Life of a Housewife

February is the shortest month of the year. The month smack dab in the middle of winter. By now the highs of Christmas are gone.  Those last days in January may have seemed long and grim. But at last, here to grace us with her presence, February, fun size, and full of rouge.

It’s the perfect month for Valentine’s Day. It makes sense that it landed in a month when people need cheering up. The bright reds and pinks add a zest to our homes that help mute the gray skies of winter.

Love and chocolate make everything better. I was excited to come up with some favorite February Bucket List Items.

Have a Galentine’s Day Party.

What is a Galentine’s day party? It’s a party to celebrate Valentine’s  Day with all of your girlfriends. Whoever came up with idea is genius. I mean seriously.

As much as we love our husbands, they don’t get as excited about macaroons, adorable place settings, balloons and everything pink and red, like our girlfriends do.

This is the perfect opportunity to indulge and pamper. Celebrate by picking up some charming desserts from a local bakery and put them out on pretty platters. Sip some bubbly and enjoy the company of your best gal friends.

Galantines Day Party | February Bucket List | Good Life of a Housewife

Mail out Valentine’s Day Cards.

A bright red envelope is a delight to see in the mailbox. Usually the mailbox is packed with bills from Christmas. It’s always a delight to get a handwritten card, or photo. Check out these variety packs.

Super Bowl Party. 

Even if your team didn’t make it to the Super Bowl, it’s always fun to watch the excitement of the game, the half time show, and of course commercials. Serve wing dings, sliders and veggies. Make it a potluck and have everyone bring their favorite dish.

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 Super Bowl Party | February Bucket List | Good Life of a Housewife

Make a Money Plan. 

Now that the excitement of Christmas & New Year’s has settled, get your finances in order.  A lot of employers do 401(k) matches.  If you are not taking advantage of a 401(k) at work, talk to your Human Resources department. If your employer offers a match, take advantage of the free money. Review where you are financially and set a plan for the upcoming year, If you filled taxes and are getting money back, you may see it in February, don’t forget to set some money aside in your savings. Check out How to Spend Smarter for ideas to better spend your money.

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Living on One Income as a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM)   Make a Money Plan | February Bucket List | Good life of a housewife

Pick up some Fresh Pink Flowers.

Keep fresh flowers on your table at home. The bright colors and aromas will be lovely way to bring cheer into your house. Pick up some pink roses, or carnations. Trim the bottoms and change out the water every few days. If you see a flower is dying, pull it out so it does not affect the water, or other flowers. Pink Flowers for a February Bucketlist | Good Life of a Housewife

Start your Garden Planning. 

Spring will be here next month, March 20th to be exact. Soon it will be time to start indoor planting so your seeds will be ready to be planted once it warms up. I love to plant pumpkins and tomatoes.  I always have a lot of success with “Jack be Littles,” which are these small pumpkins.

They last for a long time once they have been picked.  They are also a ton of fun for decorating the house at Halloween. If you have children this is a great ongoing family activity. If it’s your first year start with a few small plants. Jack be Little Pumpkins | Start your Garden Plan | Good Life of a Housewife   Start Planning your Garden | February Bucket List | Good Life of a Housewife

Indulge in Expensive Wine.

Pick up a bottle of expensive wine to enjoy. Make it a splurge, not just a bottle that’s a few dollars than you would normally spend. Share the bottle with a good friend or enjoy it all to yourself. Happy February!   February Bucket List #February #februarybucketlist #valentine'sday


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