4 Mistakes that Sabotage your Meal Planning

Four Mistakes that Sabotage your Meal Planning

Meal planning can feel ambitious and overwhelming when you first start. I know I tried meal planning on and off for years. The main reason I started meal planning was to save money and stop wasting food.

After a while I realized there were certain hurdles I was having to overcome that were sabotaging my meal planning efforts.

Whether this is your first attempt at meal planning, or you’re giving it another go-around, be on the lookout for these four mistakes that can sabotage your meal planning.

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Four Mistakes that Sabotage Your Meal Planning


Mistake # 1 Unrealistic Expectations

When I first started meal planning I had high hopes of cutting my grocery budget by 75%. While my husband and I predominately went out to eat, I thought I would be able to flip a switch, cook EVERYTHING at home, and save tons of money. This was unrealistic. I would end up buying too many groceries and we would still go out to dinner. Taking baby steps will help create a new routine to formulate new habits.

Mistake #2 Complicated Recipes

Some Pinterest recipes make you feel like you’re competing on the Iron Chef. The recipes are just too complicated. If you are not an expert cook, or are short on time, over complicated recipes can set you up for disaster. Having too many new or complicated recipes can leave you feeling burned out and wanting to throw in the towel. Try easy recipes such as 5 ingredient recipes or less when first getting started.

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Mistake #3 Lack of Access to Recipes

You know what you want to make, but when the time comes to make it you are scrolling through your Pinterest board or flipping through cookbooks trying to find the recipe. A quick meal becomes a 10-minute manhunt trying to get started. Print out recipes you want to try and keep them in a folder or binder. As you are filling in your meal planning printables, write down the cookbook and page number so you can easily reference the recipe.

Mistake #4 Not having ingredients

You planned your meals out for the week, but when it comes time to make them you are missing key ingredients. As you are planning your menu, look through your pantry and fridge and list any ingredients you may need. Before you start your recipe, grab all of your ingredients.

Don’t let these four mistakes sabotage your meal planning.

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