Fourth of July Patriotic Spritzer

Fourth of July Patriotic Spritzer

Fourth of July means lots of sunshine(hopefully) red, white and blue. To cool off, this patriotic spritzer is perfectly refreshing. It’s great for BBQs and fun for kids. To make a Patriotic Spritzer, it only takes a couple ingredients.

Fourth of July Patriotic Spritzer Prep

This Fourth of July spritzer uses regular ice cubes, two kinds of Gatorade and flavored sparkling water (or Sprite) for the perfect summer refresher.

Fourth of July Patriotic Spritzer that's perfect for kids, BBQs and summer fun.
  1. Remove all regular ice cubes and place in a bowl in the freezer. Fill one ice cube tray with Fruit Punch Gatorade

2. Fill another ice cube tray with Blue Cherry Gatorade

Fourth of July Patriotic Spritzer

3. Freeze them.

4. Layer the ice cubes in individual glasses for the best results. Top with a flavored sparkling water, or Sprite. I used a cherry limeade sparkling beverage. It tasted like those red, white and blue popsicles. Finish off the look by adding a festive paper straw.

5. Share with friends! Happy Fourth of July!

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