Christmas Checklist – Getting Ahead on Christmas

Christmas Checklist – Getting Ahead on Christmas

and other Christmas Tips..

Christmas can put you in a tailspin with all of the planning and celebrating. To help make Christmas less stressful and help you stay organized check out these tips on a our Christmas Checklist:

Christmas Checklist- getting ahead on Christmas.

1 Organize your Wrapping Paper

Use pretty festive wrapping paper storage to keep your wrapping paper all in one spot. All in one cases like this one, are perfect for keeping tape, ribbon, and wrapping paper together instead of misplaced all over the house.

Seriously, how frustrating is it when you get ready for a major wrapping session only to realize you are out of tape or can’t find scissors?

Tip: Pick-up a pair or two of scissors to keep in your Christmas bin for you and any elves that help with wrapping.

2 Use Modern Stocking Hooks

Last year we stitched to these stocking holder hooks. We had the old-school ones that just rested on top of the mantle but they never seemed able to hold the weight of the stocking. They were also a falling hazard.

Then, I started using zip ties to hold them up on the stair case, but with young kids I wanted to move them back to the fireplace.

I found the solution.

These hooks were a no-brainer and hold up a fully loaded stocking. They are easy to slip on the mantle and remained very sturdy. They are available here on Amazon.

3 Get it Down on Paper

I really love holidays, especially Christmas. The idea of designing the perfect Christmas and then bringing it to life really gets me feeling creative and inspired.

As women we are the pillars of the Christmas Spirit and I don’t take the job lightly. 🙂 Especially now that I have kids, I like to go full Martha Stewart.

But I absolutely do not get stressed at the holidays and you shouldn’t either!

The best way to avoid the stress is to get it down on paper. I created my Free Christmas Planner a couple of years ago to help get it out of my head and on to paper. It’s been awesome. Grab your freebie below.

Christmas Planner 2020

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    4 Max out your Budget

    Sign up for Rakuten, formally known as Ebates. It’s a cash back site that pays you cash when you shop online at your favorite stores.

    There are always deals and specials so you can get more bang for your buck.

    My Free Christmas Planner comes with a page for you to track all of your online shopping.

    Sign up for Rakuten here to start saving on Christmas Shopping!

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    5 Keep a Secret Stash of Cookies & Cocoa

    Keep a secret stash of boxed cookies and hot chocolate for unexpected visitors. Having something to share on hand makes you feel like the hostess with the mostest. Our goodies have to stay out of site or they will get gobbled down. Especially if they are Milano cookies.

    6 Go Pre-made

    Every Christmas we make cinnamon rolls for breakfast. And I cheat. I buy the Pillsbury cinnamon rolls and I throw them on a sheet and bake them in the oven. They’re super easy and stress free. But most importantly, they’re delicious.

    There will come a day when I will probably be making them from scratch. But keeping it simple helps to enjoy memorable moments like this.

    Pick-up lasagnas, mac n’ cheese, and easy desserts to avoid the holiday burnout of making everything from scratch.

    7 Make a Christmas Bucket List

    Pick out some family favorites to tackle on this year’s bucket list. Make it a family affair, like seeing a Christmas play, volunteering or cutting down a Christmas tree.

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    8 Pick up a Wireless Christmas Light Remote

    It can be hard to get the Christmas lights plugged in when your tree is tucked into a corner. Bulbs are getting bumped, or an ugly cord has to be ran where it can easily be plugged in.

    These wireless remotes are a great solution. The lights are plugged into a remote controlled wireless adapter. When it’s time to turn the lights on or off, simply hit the button on the remote. No more awkward bending, or dropping pine needles on the floor when turning the Christmas Tree on.

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