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Hello Spring! Good Life of a Housewife


Hello Spring! Good Life of a HousewifeHello, Spring…we made it! Today marks the first day of Spring! This definitely calls for a celebration. My daughter and I have been spending the past few days playing outside. She just made a new “leap” and everything is becoming about going outside. Including, banging on the windows and wearing her coat and winter boots around the house. Being outside has been wonderful because it lets her wear off all of her excess energy, which means a much easier bedtime routine! I plan on taking full advantage of the spring this year.

Every year I forget how much I enjoy watching the trees starting to bud. Perhaps my most favorite part is the awesome thunderstorms. I am looking forward to the rain and my little one romping through puddles. I guess it’s time to buy some new rain boots. I have also decided to get a pair. Every year I say, “I am going to get rain boots this year.” I never do. On our trip up north last year, I picked up a pair of winter boots(finally).  I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner.  So this year, I am fully committed to getting weather appropriate footwear.

We have also been outside planning our garden layout. I love to grow pumpkins but they just take over! Unfortunately, it really limited my access to my tomatoes and jalapeños I planted. We lost a lot of good ones out there.  However, the pumpkins did look awesome growing over on to the patio.

This is what last years before and afters look like:

Hello Spring Before and After Growing Garden | Good Life of a Housewife
Hello Spring Before and After Growing Garden | Good Life of a Housewife

It became a little bit “unruly” half way through the season. This year it will be much easier to maintain with my little helper. My husband even purchased her own gardening set. It’s plastic, so she can play in the mud, “rake,” “dig” and be involved in the gardening process. He also picked up the book, “The Little Gardener,” which is adorable and shows different gardening tools. It has flaps on the pages for added fun!



This year we are going to tryout out more potted plants, as well as “vertical” gardens. I have some wooden lattices that I am going to use for growing crawlers (cucumbers, pumpkins, berries). I am excited to see how these work. I have come across some pretty great reviews on Pinterest.  I will post more on the garden as I continue to work on it! Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Spring!

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