Hatch Rest Sound Machine, Night Light and Time-to-Rise Review

Hatch Baby Sleep Machine

If you’re reading this, there is a good chance bedtime brings crying and tantrums, not to mention how your poor toddler feels.

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There is nothing worse than being moved to tears of frustration at nap time and bedtime. But rest assured, it’s just part of the mom initiation process.

Three kids later, I really got the bedtime routine nailed down. One of my favorite tools in my tool belt, the Hatch Sound Machine.

While bedtime can still be complicated, the Hatch Rest Sound machine can help with the bedtime struggle. I have both the Hatch Reset and the Hatch Reset Plus.

Favorite Benefits of the Hatch Rest Sound Machine

I really love the Hatch sleep machine for a few reasons. It’s super easy to set-up. It can be controlled from your phone and it has an easy touch to turn on feature at the top.

1. Different sounds for soothing and waking

One of the nice features of this machine is that it has different sound options. I usually use the white noise feature at nap time and bedtime.

This helps drown out outside nosies that can keep kids awake, or wake them up too soon! For me that’s our dogs barking when packages (Amazon) comes, our doggie neighbors barking, siblings crying, even the creak of our hardwood floors.

When it’s time to wake, I can switch it to birds chirping. It’s usually a slow wake and avoids overly cranky toddlers.

Which brings me to my favorite feature..

2. Remote Cell Phone Access for easy control

This by far is the best feature. You can download the app on your phone to switch the sounds, change the colors, and have timers set. The Hatch Reset Plus, has additional features, such an audio monitor.

Before I bought this sound machine, I used a frog air purifier, which created a low, fan like hum. But as nap time luck would have it, I would shut it off in the morning and then forget to turn it on at nap time.

When she caught onto me, turning it on she would yell, “FROGGY OFF. FROGGY OFFFFF.

With Hatch sound machine, even if you forget to turn it on, or your toddler is deciding they don’t want any sounds that day there are options. You can turn it on quietly and slowly after they sleep to help muffle noises that may wake them up.

3. Finally, Different colors, for wake times and sleep times

The Hatch Baby has different customizable color settings. At bedtime I use red, because it’s not super bright and doesn’t cause alertness like blue light can trigger.

When it’s time to wake it switches to green.

There are all different colors: pink, purple, blue, green, yellow, etc.

It’s a nice nightlight feature if your child has a favorite color.

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Should you get a Hatch Baby?

So, you may be wondering if you should get a Hatch Baby. Both my husband and I agree, we love it.

His favorite feature is just being able to tap the top of it to turn on the light. That was his biggest frustration when he would go in at night to change the baby. Stumbling around with his phone or trying to find the button for the light on her machine.

If you are looking for a remote access and an easy way to help with a baby or toddler’s sleep routine, then definitely check out the Hatch Sound Machine

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