Hey friend, where ya been?

Chit Chat with Chanele

Hi friends!

How’s everyone’s summer wrapping up? It’s hard to believe that fall will be upon us shortly. Back to school and the changing seasons are only a few weeks away.

Not to say I am disappointed! My fall Yankee candle melts have been on for days.  I love a good September, October, or November Bucket List! Where are you from and what’s your favorite thing to do in the Fall?

Where ya Been?

I know my postings have been a little less frequent this summer. To no surprise, we have been doing what most family’s do, relaxing and enjoying the longer days.

Our nieces just left after two weeks of swimming, slime making, and tons of popsicles later.

Lainey is coming up to six months! Her and Libby are almost going down for a long nap at the same time. Before, Libby’s nap time is when I would do all of my blogging. For a while now, her nap time gave Lainey and I some one on one time.

I am still working on balancing some blog time. Turns out after I dish out all my slices of “time” pie there’s not much left to go around. I told my husband I was thinking about getting up at 4 AM to get some work done before the kids get up.

His reponse, “Okay, but don’t start until tomorrow night.” 🙂 Much like that diet that’s going to start Monday, we have been staying up late chatting and binge watching TV.

Not to mention my blog posts have been taking me so much longer, since on average they take  about 10-15 hours from start to finish.


An Orderly House

May-August, it’s nice to take some time off, BBQ, eat easy, fresh food, swim, garden and hang out with friends. I know I am at a slight advantage because my kids aren’t in school yet. We get some bonus time.

Summer is often when I review all the finances, crunch numbers: look for money. Summer is kinda like the restart button before all fun and hustle starts.

I mean with the exception of fourth of July, there isn’t much going on in Summer. It’s not like October – February, when I am constantly changing out decor, shopping, entertaining, and having birthday parties.

It’s a great time to clear out clutter, start cleaning the house even though it’s overwhelming and my personal favorite, start getting ready for CHRISTMAS!


A Financial Affair

Something happened where my TV watching ability went out. I found myself watching tons of youTube videos.

My free time has been spent crunching numbers, researching tax advantages and real estate.

Having a baby always has me reevaluating and  financially preparing. Lots of time has been spent working on a 10 year plan. Not to mention, I totally get sucked into Amazon FBA and Ted Talk videos.

Back on Track

With summer winding down, I am looking forward to blogging about all of the exciting things coming up in the next few months!

Can’t wait to talk to you guys soon!


<3 Chanele

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