How to Build a Home Stockpile for Cheap (up to 60% off Retail Price)

How I save hundreds by using coupons.

The feeling of walking out with a bag full of goodies at such a discount gives me such a shopper’s high!

When Libby was born I became a frequent flyer at CVS. I try to go there once a week to stock up on basic household items at 60-90% off. Once I have nice stockpile, I stop for awhile. When we need more stuff, I start back up again.

It became a fun hobby and a way for me to contribute to the household. I use this couponing technique to stockpile household items. This particular trip was from January (I created this post and forgot to publish!)

Even CVS recognizes me as a super saver. (This was after a big post season Christmas Trip, I am usually in the top 2% with my “couponing” alone.)

This post does include affiliate links.

How I save a ton through clearances and couponing

How to Build a Home Stockpile for Cheap:

There are three things I look for:

  1. CVS Promotions for Extrabucks:  which are dollar amounts towards a future purchase.
  2. Manufacturer Coupons: which are coupons from the company that makes the products (come in the paper, can be found on the CVS app, or on
  3. CVS coupons, which in most cases can be applied with manufacturer coupons, & CVS extra bucks.

The more you shop at CVS and use the coupons, the more coupons they appear to offer you in their CVS App.Saving on common household items helps me afford to day home. Heres how I do it.


How to save on household items by building a stockpile

Coupon Deal One

Spend $30 get $10 Extrabucks

Pampers – $8.99

Pampers – $8.99

Tide Pods – $4.94

Tide Laundry Detergent – $5.44

Dawn – $.99

Crest – $2.99

Total: $32.34


Coupon Deal Two

Paper Products, Buy 3 Get $5 Extrabucks (Special sale 3 for $15.00 or 6.29 Each)

Viva Paper Towel – $6.29

Cottonelle – $6.29

Cottonelle – $2.42

Total: $15.00 

Let the Magic Happen, Subtract the coupons

Total Before Coupons = $32.34 + $15.00= $47.34

Pampers = $8.99 – $2.00 MFR (MFR = manufacturer coupon)

Pampers = $8.99  – $3 off of 15 on Diapers (CVS Coupon)

Tide Pods = $4.94 – $2.00 MFR

Tide Laundry Detergent = $5.44 – NONE I MISSED ONE 🙁

Dawn = $.99 – $.25 MFR

Crest = $2.99 – $2.00 MFR

Viva Paper Towel = $6.29 – $2.00 on 2

Cottonelle = $6.29

Cottonelle = $2.42 – $ 1.00 MFR Coupon

$12.25= Total MFR and CVS Coupons 

$17= Extrabucks I had on my card

Final Out the door cost= $47.34 – $12.25 (coupons) – $17 extra bucks = $18.09 + Tax 

Then I used the Ibotta App for a $.25 cent rebate. You can join my team and get 10 bucks when you get your first qualifying rebate. 

It’s a great way to earn a few bucks here and there on stuff your already buying. You can also add people to your team and get $5.00 for referrals, and you help compete for bonuses together.

That put my final out the door at =18.09-.25 = $17.84 + Tax with $15.00 dollars to use on my next trip. 

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