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How to Grow a Rainbow

St. Patrick's Day Fun. Grow a rainbow. Good Life of a Housewife |

It’s Leprechaun season! Happy March first. I guess that also means it’s time for a “March, You’re Perfect,” glory list as well. February has a way of just slipping right on by. Not to mention my husband and I have been doing lots of home renovations. We are updating our  kitchen, finally! Anyways, last Saturday I made a trip to the local dollar store and picked up lots of trinkets and items to have some St. Patrick’s Day fun. I also grabbed some items to start preparing for some Easter Magic. Check out my recent post, How to Catch an Easter Bunny. It comes with a PDF you can print out and do with the family before Easter. After you’re done reading How to Grow a Rainbow, check it out!

For some Leprechaun magic fun,  the first thing we are going to do is grow a rainbow! I will be posting about lots more leprechaun ideas over the next few days.  Check out the goodies I scored for just five bucks. Don’t mind the open twizzlers, I had a late night snack. I am sure I will have a post titled: How I gained 15 pounds creating Holiday Treats. 🙂




Rainbow Sprinkles

Two Small Bowls – One to plant the seeds, the other to catch rainbow.

Twizzlers Twists

Gold Coins (These are optional, but totally awesome)

  1. Add sugar to a small bowl
  2. Add Rainbow Sprinkles
  3. Cover with sugar
  4. Set in a window, so the “seeds” can get light. Put a bowl next to it, so it can “catch” the rainbow.
  5. After a day or two Twizzlers Twists should “appear.”  In the order of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple. At the bottom your child may or may now find some chocolate gold coins.

St. Patrick's Day Fun. Grow a rainbow. Good Life of a Housewife |

St. Patrick's Day Fun. Grow a rainbow. Good Life of a Housewife |

St. Patrick's Day Fun. Grow a rainbow. Good Life of a Housewife |


St. Patrick's Day Fun. Grow a rainbow. Good Life of a Housewife | www.goodlifeofahousewife.comLeave gold chocolate coins around the house for your kids to find. St. Patrick's Day Fun. Good Life of a Housewife www.goodlifeofahousewife.comBest Easter Egg Hunt idea for little kids. Good Life of a Housewife

Supermom's Guide to Catching the EasterBunny | Good Life of a Housewife |


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