Growing Easter Lolly Pops

How to Grow Candy Lolly Pops. Easter Fun for Kids of all ages. Good Life of a

Easter is right around the corner. That means it’s time for jelly beans. We are going to take some of those jelly beans and grow some lolly pops. This fun activity can be done with as little as two dollars. Both the jelly beans and lolly pops came from the dollar store. To grow lolly pops, we planted jelly beans in a cup of “grass.” This is really just green rice. If it’s your first time coloring rice, you can learn how to color rice here,  otherwise you can also grow lolly pops in sugar, or if it’s warm enough, outside.

What you need:

  • Jelly Bean Seeds
  • Lolly Pops
  • Sugar or Rice
  • A place to grow your Lolly Pops

First pick where you want to grow your lolly pops. It is still chilly here in the Mitten, so we opted for indoors. We planted ours in a clear cup. Plant the number of jelly bean “seeds” for the number of lolly pops you would like to grow. We opted for eight. Set the “seeds” in a window where they will get enough light from the sun. Before bed have your children sing to the beans to activate the magic,  “Jelly Bean,  Jelly Bean,  how I wish you would grow.” After a day or two, lolly pops should start to “appear”

How to Grow Candy Lolly Pops. Easter Fun for Kids of all ages. Good Life of a



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