January Blogging Report

January Blogging Report shows how I am focusing on affiliate income, and growing my traffic.

January [Mid-Month] Blogging Report

It’s exciting to be starting a new year with new goals. January has been a breath of fresh, cold, air. It’s always invigorating to feel like you’re getting a fresh start.

It can also feel like you’re nosediving off of the high that was the holiday season. I know I was anticipating a large drop off in traffic. Were you?

Especially since all my top pins were Christmas related. If you read my 7 secrets to being a superstar blogger, you know that’s where most of my traffic comes from.

However, with this in mind. I made it my priority to consolidate my web traffic from my other site, Bloomers and Bows. It seemed silly to have traffic going to a website I don’t have time to update. That paired with using tailwind, I am on pace to have my best month yet. Which is very rewarding.

For my birthday last month, my husband got me a copy of Ruth Soukup’s, How To Blog For Profit: Without Selling Your Soul.

It was a super easy and great read. I think I read it in like three days.

One of my favorite parts of the book was her breakdown of income and page views from bloggers. It was a real eye-opener to see how bloggers can draw income from so many different sources. The biggest eye opener was how when traffic increased, income increased.

This seems obvious. But seeing this in black and white made me realize that even though I monetize my blog, first and foremost I want to focus on a steady, consistent, high amount of traffic.

This means I have quality readers. 

More importantly, it means I am growing my target audience, and connecting with them.  I am providing valuable, helpful, information.

Accomplished Objectives for January:

A few of my objects for January were to:

  • Submit a guest post
  • Find affiliate strategies that work
  • Create a welcome  email and an image for the footer of my email
  • Create a weekly newsletter

Submit a Guest Post

I am happy to say I did my first guest submission. It was for a blogger round-up series where 12 bloggers share their top three tips on what to focus on as a new blogger. It was very exciting to be included in the series. If you are a new blogger, check out it!

You can read all of the awesome tips over at Twins Mommy: What Do You Focus on As a New Blogger? (12 Bloggers Share Their Top 3 Tips) 


Finding affiliate strategies that work

Over the past few weeks I have been experimenting with different affiliate strategies. One of these is using Pinterest for promoted pins. This is only a few days in, so it’s too early to see if the strategy is working yet.

The affaliates I am currently using:

Amazon: As a family we do tons of purchases through our Amazon account. It makes sense to use them as an affiliate because I can directly link back to purchases I’ve made or products to recommend. Amazon is especially helpful for creating gift guides. Such as:

Gifts and Stocking Stuffers for a Baby (0-12 months)

10 Best Gifts for a Hostess at Christmas

Ebates: I love Ebates. I do most of my shopping online. Since I already make all my friends and family sign up, it makes sense that I refer my readers to Ebates as well. It’s nice because not only do they save money with coupons, but there is a $10.00 sign-up bonus.

It’s a great affiliate program because not only do they give you $15.00 for active sign-ups but they give your readers, friends and family that incentive bonus as well.

This is a great affiliate to use in emails to your readers, or in posts. Such as 19  creative ways to get more from your Christmas budget.

Sign -up for Ebates to save money, make money, and create your own referrals. 

Ibotta: Ibotta is an app for your phone that allows you to save money on groceries and store purchases. They have a list of items that they offer rebates for. It’s fun to watch money add up here and there. It’s also fun for friends because as people join, they become part of your team.

As you redeem rebates together, other bonuses can be unlocked to earn more money. They also offer a $10.00 bonus for active users.

Ibotta is the perfect referral for blogs on saving money. Join my Ibotta Team

Post: 49 Ways to Save Money on Groceries & Food

Tailwind: Tailwind is another awesome product I use. My pinterest page views have skyrocketed since implementing Tailwind. Which you can read about in A Year of Blogging: Key Takeaways.

I was a little reluctant to use it because I used a previous Pinterest scheduling tool and did not see the results I wanted for the price I was paying. I am super happy with Tailwind.

One thing I would love to put out for all of my fellow bloggers is an article on maximizing Pinterest and Tailwind. I have been composing an ongoing list for over a year now. It’s turning out to be more of a short novel. I mean people have whole websites dedicated to Pinterest strategies. To create one tell all article takes time. It seems it would more so be a mini-series.

As of right now, it’s a back burner project.

Create a welcome  email and an image for the footer of my email

I finally created a welcome email and a footer image for my blog. If you have a newsletter and you don’t have these things, put them on this months to-do list.

When I join a new email list, I look forward to a welcome email. This email includes things like who you are, what to expect from your site, and a thank you to your readers. Really you can put anything you want in there. It adds a nice touch to your reader’s experience.

I also created a email footer to go at the bottom of all of my emails.

The footer includes a picture of my gravatar, a sign-off, and my website. A photo’s a nice way for your readers to feel more connected as they read your words.

Alrighty! Well I hope that’s helpful! Leave me a comment and let me know what you are working on for January and these upcoming months!


January Mid Month Blog Report. I am working on Finding affiliate strategies that work and email list improvements.




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