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I took a  short winter break to enjoy the holidays with family. I hope you guys did too! Now I am getting ready for the new year. I sat down today to work on some resolutions. As cliche as it sounds, January is a month of new beginnings and fresh starts.  I totally hop on the bandwagon. There is something symbolic about the clock striking midnight and so begins a new day, a new year. In Michigan, there is usually still snow, and winter is really just beginning. I love to take the time to relax and enjoy the winter. This usually means champagne, mimosas, bubble baths, and oriental lilies. And of course the usual, building a snowman, reading, and enjoying the fireplace. Here are some things to do this January.

January, You're Perfect. Celebrate the New Year in Style. | Good Life of a Housewife

Ring in the New Year. Go out and celebrate or plan something at home. Put on your most sparkly outfit or sleekest cocktail dress. Don’t put away that red lipstick yet! It’s the perfect way to add some glam to your look. Happy New Year!  It’s time to party!

Make a New Year’s Resolution. Making a New Year’s Resolution is one of those things you either do, or say your going to do and commit to it until February before it fizzles off. Either way, there is something to be said to committing yourself to something you care about.  If you don’t usually commit to a New Year’s Resolution, check out Why you Need a New Year’s Resolution. 

Read a New Book.  Check out a new book from your Library or  Check out Amazon’s Best Sellers and pick up a new read. Read something you might not necessarily pick out or try a book challenge. Some light reading will make the long nights of winter something to look forward to.


Getting Organized. January is bin season. Every store you go into will have tons of bins and organizations options. Tis’ the Season to organize & declutter. Clean out your clutter and donate it. If you haven’t used it in a year, or have no future need for it, get rid of it.  

Find a New Look. Time to get a new look for the New Year. Try for a new statement necklace, new lipstick, or a fresh hair cut.  

Create Yearbooks or Photo Albums. Take all of your photos from the year and make a family yearbook. You can print them and add them to a photo album. Or for a professional look, try a site like Shutterfly and create one by using their template and dropping photos in. Sign up for Ebates so you can earn cash back and check out freebies they may have listed. Sometimes they run offers for free photo books, you just pay for shipping! Bonus! 

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Pamper Yourself.  Take a bubble bath, use special bath bombs and lather up with your favorite lotion. Try making your own sugar scrub with a two to one sugar (2) to olive oil ratio(1). It’s super easy to make and it will make your skin super smooth. Just place in a bowl and stir the sugar and oil together. I usually make small batches as I use them so they don’t spoil or get moldy. Be prepared for super smooth skin. Especially,  if you use the scrub after a long soak in the tub.

Happy January!

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