Kroger Clicklist Review

Kroger ClickList Review

One of the most time consuming parts of meal planning is venturing out for the groceries. With little kids at home, it can be hard to make it out shopping during the day, and just exhausting at night. After loading all of my digital coupons, it finally dawned on me to try Kroger ClickList. It was awesome, let me explain…

If you don’t have a Kroger near you, Walmart also offers this service. But it is an easy way to spend less time in the store and more time meal prepping.

All you do is add all your items online to your basket, checkout, and set a pick-up time.

Family Meal Planning through using Kroger Clicklist

Perks of a Grocery Pick-up, like Kroger Clicklist

Sometimes I do love to get out and grocery shop. Other times I keep procrastinating. Here is what I loved about using Kroger ClickList for the first time:

  • There are special coupons that are just for Kroger ClickList that are way better then just regular store coupons. My first trip I got a free bag of chips, a free pack of Yogurt and 5.00 off toilet paper, to name a few.
  • You can go around your house and look for everything you need and it to your basket.
  • It’s easier to keep track of specials, like buy 5 save $5.00 instead of scouring the aisles, deals can be searched and added with the click of a mouse.
  • You don’t have to unload your cart, weight in line, and load your car, a wonderful employee does this for you.
  • There are special coupons and deals where you can get the service free, otherwise it’s $5.00.
  • The potential to save from impulse buys is HUGE because you’re not wondering around the store, nor do you have kids putting in special requests as you move through the aisles.
  • All of the groceries are loaded into your car
  • You can easily compare prices, download digital coupons and use Ibotta to score extra cash back on your groceries. Ibotta offers up to a $20 dollar welcome bonus when you sign-up.

The only caveat to Kroger ClickList, that I found so far, was not being able to see all of the digital coupons applied at “checkout” on the computer. Once you pick-up your groceries, you will get your updated total with your Kroger card.

Overall it’s an awesome way to help with meal planning and saving money. You can get my free meal printables emailed to you below. Don’t forget to sign up for Ibotta to earn some extra cash (it’s free).


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