My Favorite Items For A New Baby

My Favorite Items For A New Baby

Finding out we were going to have a baby was the most wonderful news in the world.  I immediately started my research on what to expect as a new mom. Pinterest was my new best friend and I would my spend free time reading other mom blogs to learn about their birthing experiences, the first few months, and anything else I could soak up. While the prospect of meeting my baby was exciting,  there was still one thing I had to do before she came: register for the shower. This one thing was incredibly daunting to me. There are thousands of items and multiple options. As a new mom I didn’t know where to start. What do we need? What diapers do you get?  What about bottles? What are the best ones?  Never mind large ticket items like a stroller, or car seat. I dreaded it so much that my husband ended doing the majority of our registering. He loves sifting through reviews and finding the best products, so this was fine by me! Here are some of my favorite items that I used for my baby’s first months.

There are affiliate links to the products I list below. If you like them, check them out on Amazon. I do get a small commission for any purchases you make. Thanks for your support, and I hope you find the following items beneficial 🙂

Baby’s First Few Months

Graco Sous Chef Highchair 5 in 1

This Graco Sous Chef Highchair has been wonderful.  It has multiple settings to guide you through your little ones stages. My favorite feature about this chair is that it comes with an attachment for newborn babies to sit in. You can’t see it in this picture, but you can see it on Amazon. I called it the “bucket.” This was a lifesaver for us because we have two dogs and two cats. The “bucket” feature allows your baby to sit high off the ground away from curious animals. For me this was important because even though all my animals are incredibly well behaved, with no issues, I don’t take any chances. The highchair portion is easy to clean up because it can be wiped down, as well as as comes with removable cushions that can be machine washed. This is important because when your baby starts to self feed, things are going to get messy!



MAM Night Orthodontic Pacifier, Girl, 0-6 Plus Months, 2-Count

These MAM pacifiers were a lifesaver. We also used the MAM bottles so the nipple mimicked that of the bottle. Why are they so wonderful? They glow in the dark.  When our pumpkin would wake up in the middle of the night it was easy to look in the bassinet and spot these. Depending on how you decided to feed your baby, formula or breast, may guide which pacifier if any you use, if any.

A breast feed baby may prefer a pacifier like this Avent, or none at all, so it doesn’t interfere with them learning to latch and properly feed.

Baby Brezza Formula Pro One Step Food Maker

The Baby Brezza, perhaps my favorite newborn baby item. Whether by choice or necessity, if formula feeding your baby is the way you go, you NEED a Baby Brezza. It is basically the Keurig of the bottle world. It makes a bottle in just a few seconds, always the same temperature, and premixed for you. It is compatible with most formulas. It does require you to read the instructions and clean it regularly. I took a screen shot of the directions so I can pull them up on my iPad whenever it’s time for a cleaning. This would be great for twins. There’s no waiting around trying to measure and heat a bottle in the middle of the night.

Pampers Sensitive Wipes

Pampers Sensitive Wipes cost a little bit more, but I find are worth it. The first year are little one never had any diaper rash issues and I think some of that has to do with these wipes. I didn’t use these at first. I used regular wipes from a different brand, and after using both I could see how smooth and easy these glided like butter without being harsh and pulling on baby’s skin.

Pampers Swaddlers Diapers, Size 1, Giant Pack, 148 Count

Pampers Swaddlers Diapers come with a small line up the middle that will go from yellow to blue if it gets dirty.  This makes it super convenient to see if your baby needs to be changed without all the rigmarole of taking the diaper off.  I especially liked these paired with my next item on the list, Gerber Unisex Baby 2 Pack Gowns.



Gerber Unisex Baby 2 Pack Gowns

These long gowns were great for nighttime diaper changes. It was easy to pull these up and check the Pampers Swaddlers Diapers to see if there was a blue line. I found these helped not wake the baby during nighttime diaper changes since it could be done with the least amount of interruption (no snaps or zippers).








A Bassinet was another item that may have been a splurge, but I found with the piece of mind it gave me, it was worth it.   I wanted my baby right next to me in the room. This allowed me to pull it up next to the bed and check on her throughout the night.











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