Naughty or Nice Christmas Dice – A Christmas Gift Exchange Game

Naughty or Nice Christmas Dice – A Christmas Gift Exchange Game

Christmas Gift exchanges are always a little more fun when they get competitive. I know totally NOT in the spirit of Christmas… but it’s a fun way to get people moving and pump some energy into a party. Naughty or Nice Christmas Dice is a festive fun way to get the party started.

How to play this Dice Christmas Exchange Game

Naughty or Nice Christmas Dice

Will the dice be naughty or nice to you? Will you lose a turn or open a gift? Will you steal a gift you have been coveting, or open what you have?

Everyone will pick a gift and then sit in a circle. (Anyone that wants to play can bring a gift, or hostess can provide gifts).

Needed: A gift for every person playing & a pair of dice.

To Start: The person with the biggest gift, will make the first roll. If there is no large gift, chose the person whose birthday is closest to Christmas. 

After each roll pass the dice to the left. 

  • Roll Snake Eyes (1): Naughty luck. Nobody passes gifts. Nobody opens gifts. 
  • Roll Doubles(2-5): Open the Gift you are holding or be naughty and steal someone else’s gift (they get yours) but only YOU open the gift. 
  • Roll Doubles (6): Trade Gifts with another Person and you both open them. Any other dice combination (i.e. non-doubles
Naughty or Nice Christmas Dice

Printable Rules for you here (PDF)

Prank your Guests

Naughty or Nice Dice

If you want to be extra naughty and have some fun with your guests, pick a funny white elephant gift, like a raining men umbrella, or a Roaring Chewbacca Wookiee mask.

Wrap it in the prettiest, elegant paper, with the biggest bow so it’s the most sought after gift. It will be a funny reveal when it’s opened and it’s something hilarious.

Another Christmas game that is fun for kids and adults is the Candy Cane Game. The Christmas version of spoons. Be careful, it gets super competitive.

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