Kids will LOVE these Easy Snowman Cinnamon Rolls

“Do you want to build a snowman?” Well, you are here, so I would say, “Yes!” These were super easy and make for a great… View Post

25 Days of Christmas for Kids – Easy Ways for the Family to Connect

25 Days of Christmas for Kids. Here in Michigan it’s starting to get colder. The leaves made their exit and the neighbors have started to… View Post

Christmas Aesthetic – Color Palettes you’ll love!

Christmas aesthetic and inspiration to find your perfect color combination. There are so many choices when it comes to Christmas. A winter wonderland, red and… View Post

Handsome Boy Names – 40 Names for your little guy

It feels like there are way less options for boy names than girl names. So when I come across any handsome boy names, I jot… View Post

Christmas Pop Song Playlist

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Wrapping Paper Gift Tags DIY: Super Cute & Easy

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Pretty Name Combinations

It’s always fun to come up with baby name combinations. Here are a few of the newest ones to make the list. MARA MARIE SAYBLE… View Post

Naughty or Nice Christmas Dice – A Christmas Gift Exchange Game

Christmas Gift exchanges are always a little more fun when they get competitive. I know totally NOT in the spirit of Christmas… but it’s a…

Roll the dice, will you be naughty or nice? A fun and interactive Christmas Gift exchange game.

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