Ultimate Guide to Meal Planning


How to save time and money with meal planning. Download includes:


  • Family Favorites List
  • Master Grocery List with 250+ Popular Items
  • A Weekly Menu Plan
  • Monthly Menu Plan
  • Dinner Menu
  • 30+ Theme Ideas for Dinners
  • Plus, an added bonus, Easy Ways to Save Money with Meal Planning

The Ultimate Meal Planning Guide for household management and making your life easier in the kitchen.

Start getting organized now!





I’m Chanele, wife, mom and coupon lover. I have two little girls, Libby, my toddler, and Lainey, our newest addition. We live in Michigan where we experience life in full season.

I love coming up with new ways to help your inner “wifey,” save and make money, run a household, and have fun with your family.  

Join me in living the good life, embracing our inner housewife. 

A Year of Blogging: Key Takeaways

A Year of Blogging: Key Takeaways

It’s hard to believe I have been blogging for over a year. It’s amazing the things I've learned over the course of the year. First off, blogging is easier and harder than you think. I think it’s easy to come into blogging with the fantasy of being able to rake in...

Christmas Countdown Printable

Christmas Countdown Printable

December's  bucket list is a little different than the rest of the months. Starting December 1st, we will be doing a Christmas Countdown. To jumpstart the countdown, I made Libby a Toddler Christmas Box. In addition to the Toddler Box, I created this Christmas...