Post Holiday January To-Do List

Post Holiday January Checklist

Getting Your Home in Order After the Holidays

Before the kids are back to school and the holidays are over, there is always a transitional period. It’s can feel a little chaotic. In the midst of New Year’s Resolutions and sparking joy, the post-holiday rush can leave us feeling the need to play catch-up. Let’s face it, we need a post holiday January to-do list.

Despite the New Year bringing in the excitement of a fresh start and new goals, for us moms with kids in school, it’s still a half-way point to the school year and extra-curriculars. 

This means there is more to January then just picking out our New Year’s Resolutions. It’s an opportunity to get organized and plan out the year. 

To get your home in order after the holidays, here is a Post Holiday January to-do list

  • Stock the fridge for heading back to work and school
  • Clean out the fridge of holiday leftovers, expired foods, condiments
  • Put away Christmas decorations
  • Vacuum, sweep and dust 
  • Throw away boxes, wrapping paper scraps and old bags
  • Pick up Christmas décor on sale for next year
  • Grab a new calendar to hang on the wall and coordinate the family schedule
  • Book Doctor appointments and Dentist appointments for the year 
  • Make a list of upcoming expenses to establish sinking funds
  • Clear out old, unused, and unwanted items 
  • Pickup a fresh bouquet of flowers to bring in the New Year
  • Set your financial goals 
  • Start getting your tax documents in order

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Post Holiday January To Do List
January means packing away the Christmas decorations, reevaluating the money and getting the family organized for the new year. Here is a January Post Holiday to-do list to get your family New Year Ready.

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