Preparing for Baby Printables

Preparing for Baby Free printables, How to build a diaper stockpile, baby names sheet, household items to stockpile

If you have been following along, you know I am about ready for baby number two to get here. I have spent the past few months preparing for her arrival and am now in overdrive.

Along the way I have been putting together some printables and resources for other expecting mommas.

Some of my more recent ones are Household Items to Stockpile Before Baby Arrives7 Ways to Build a Diaper Stockpile, and The Basics of Building a Stockpile.

Getting Prepared

Since this is my second rodeo, I feel much more prepared and know what to expect.

I am still working on accumulating more resources for you, such as a before baby arrives checklist, and budgeting tools to help you save money and prepare to be a SAHM. These are works in progress as I am currently “living” them as I create them.

In the mean time, here are the printables I put together for you.

Preparing for Baby Printables

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Household Items Checklist

A checklist with over 22 items to have on hand before baby arrives. There is from to add additional line items. To learn more about why I stockpile these items checkout the full post, Household Items to Stockpile Before Baby Arrives.

Household Items to Stockpile before baby arrives free printable checklist.

Building a Diaper Stockpile: Getting Started

This is some basic information to help you choose how many diapers you want to stockpile. You can calculate your own numbers, like I did, or use an average recommendation of diapers based on six sources.

Getting Started with building a diaper stockpile. The things you should know. #diaper #diaperstockpile #freeprintable

Building a Diaper Stockpile: How Many Diapers

Calculate how many diapers you need or use the average recommendations based on six different sources. Here I show you how many diapers I stockpiled for baby number two based off of Libby’s weight and growth. How to Stockpile Diapers free printable #diapers #stockpile #preparingforbaby

Building a Diaper Stockpile: Number of Diapers Purchased

Once you know how many diapers you want to stockpile, use this log. The log is for you to record the number of diapers you purchased. It will help you to accumulate your collection and know what sizes you need to buy.

Building a Diaper Stockpile Diaper Log free printable #preparingforbaby #diaperstockpile #diapers

Picking a Name

This is a sheet for you to track favorite names for your baby. There is also a bonus sheet to practice doodling and trying different spellings out.

Help narrow down your favorite baby names #newborn #babyname #freeprintable

Preparing For Baby Checklist PDF








A checklist and free printable to help you prepare for a new baby. It includes how to build a diaper stockpile, a place for favorite names, and household items to stockpile and more! #preparingforbaby #baby #diaperstockpile #diapers #newbabychecklist







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