Red, White and Blue Flag Oreos

Red, White and Blue Flag Oreos

Red, white and blue flag Oreos are festive and totally adorable for the Fourth of July. These vanilla covered Oreos are just a couple decorative ingredients.

Red White and Blue Flag Oreos Ingredients

Here on Amazon you can get a Wilton Patriotic 7 Piece set, but it includes lighter blue melts, I used the darker blue to match our flag.

This is for 12 Red, White and Blue Flag Oreos.

Note: I first started by melting and dipping in the blue candy melts. I found it hard to get clean looking red and white stripes by piping them, so instead, I changed my technique, which you will see below.

Start by melting about a 1/3 C – 1/2 C of Wilton Red Candy Melts, in the Microwave for about 2 minutes. Stir and reheat in 30 second intervals until the melts are smooth and free of lumps.

Dip each cookie about half way in the Red Candy Melts and then place on a parchment lined tray (so its easy to move the fridge)

Once all Oreos have been dipped place them in the fridge for about 10 -15 minutes so the red coating is hard to the touch.

Fourth of July Easy Dessert

Then melt the blue candy melts, using the same process as before.

Dip the Oreo in the blue until it just touches the red coated part of the Oreo.

Place star sprinkles on the blue candy melts after you dip them. The blue will dry pretty fast so dip one or two Oreos and then decorate.

If you want real precision with your star placement, you may need more than one batch of blue candy melts from the microwave. It will harden pretty quickly.

Next, place WHITE candy melts in a microwave safe ziplock bag. Place them so they are in one corner of the bag. Microwave for about 1-2 minutes.

Knead the candies in the corner of the bag. Keep microwaving them until they are smooth, with no lumps. This is important because any lumps could cause a blockage when trying to make a straight line.

This red was from my first try of alternating red and white piped lines. They came out “prettier,” when dipping them in red and pipping white lines on.

Next, make sure any air is removed from the bag. Then using sharp scissors cut off a VERY small tip in the corner of the bag. This will be used to pipe white lines across the red on the dipped Oreo.

Note: If you cut the corner too big, the candy melts may pour out too fast and look messy.

fourth of July Oreos

Store back in the fridge to harden. Once dry place in an airtight container or plate to enjoy! These should keep in the fridge for a couple days.

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