How people are getting paid to shop – and a Refer a Friend $20 bonus Rakuten

Refer a Friend $40 bonus Rakuten

With tons of people shopping online this holiday season, it only makes sense to get some cash back. Rakuten offers you cash back on your purchases, special coupon codes, and currently a $20.00 referral bonus. (Read below to see how I used it to get great prices on diapers)

So you can get paid to shop, PLUS a refer a friend $20 bonus Rakuten offers when they qualify.

You sign-up and spend $20.00 on one of your favorite online stores, I use Target,, and just today Once you spend $20.00 you get your bonus. They send them out as checks.

I have been using it since back when it was ebates. Just this week I used it for a CVS coupon code that saved me “20% on $65 dollars or more,” saving over $18. I was able to get 9 packs diapers/Pull ups, wipes, diaper cream and baby wash for a great deal, using CVS coupons and the $18.00 with the Rakuten discount code.

Real Money Savings with CVS Coupons &Rakuten:

  • 6 Packs of Huggies – $28.41
  • Pack of Pull-ups – $3.79
  • Pack of Goodnights – 3.79
  • 4 oz Desitin – 3.86
  • 12 Oz Aveeno Baby Shampoo – 3.94
  • Pack of 50 CVS diapers –  $1.61 (That’s .03 a diaper!)
  • 2 packs of CVS wipes  –  $1.86
  • Total = $51.36

The best part about it, because I use this method to build my own diaper stockpile, I was able to gift all of this to a friend.

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Rakuten - Refer a Friend

Refer a Friend $20 bonus Rakuten

It’s free to sign-up and access all of their discount codes and cash back options. Once a person joins and spends $20.00 at a merchant, they will get a $20.00 welcome bonus. Best of all you can earn an extra $20.00 for any friends or family that sign-up and spend $20.00.

*This article include Rakuten Affiliate Links.

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